Cloud data services for database administrators

Become a cloud database hero for your team


Your role as a database administrator (DBA) is about to be transformed. Now’s the ideal time to get ready for the transition to the cloud and showcase the value you add to the business as a DBA. Learn more about the evolution from on-premises database administration to cloud database management with this guide to data in the cloud.

Webinar: Transform your DBA role for the cloud

Join your fellow database administrators in an online discussion and get a chance to ask cloud data experts your questions about data – and the DBA role – in the cloud. Learn how your hard-earned SQL skills can easily transfer and plan for a smooth cloud database migration with Azure.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Learn about cloud database migration with Azure, the native cloud for SQL – using languages and tools you already know, with training and documentation to fill in any gaps.
  • Find out how to migrate your SQL workloads to a managed instance – with minimal impact to your company’s data-dependent apps.
  • See how your peers were freed up to spend more time on data strategy and less time on repetitive tasks and tactics using automation and intelligent features.
  • Get demos of key Azure migration, security and optimisation scenarios, such as auto-tuning, advanced query processing, threat detection and vulnerability assessment.

Learn how your database skills and experience transfer to the cloud

Build your cloud database expertise with hands-on training and documentation from Microsoft Learn. Browse the latest in cloud data concepts with free learning paths – including learning modules for data engineers that can be completed in under an hour.

Or, demonstrate your expertise through industry-recognised, role-based Microsoft certifications:

Product Gain new skills in… Reduce your focus on… Increase your focus on…
Scaling Not available Available Not available
Backup management Not available Available Not available
Infrastructure maintenance Not available Available Not available
Disaster recovery Not available Available Not available
Infrastructure security Not available Available Not available
Data movement Not available Not available Available
Cost optimisation Not available Not available Available
Performance tuning Not available Not available Available
Understanding of business outcomes Not available Not available Available
Database optimisation for apps Not available Not available Available
Cloud security and governance Available Not available Not available
Cloud architecture Available Not available Not available

Move your business forwards with more insights from your data

Discover the steps and technologies of an on-premises solution architecture and its evolution to the cloud. Learn how to use the skills you already have with new cloud data technologies to analyse your data and optimise business value.

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