Azure Stack ecosystem

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The power of platform

Grow your business and reach new customers with Azure Stack. Microsoft gives you the flexibility to choose the right hardware for your software. Azure Stack expands that basic promise for the next generation of applications. Applications run in Azure or in Azure Stack depending on what’s right for your business. The power of platform helps your entire IT ecosystem, from software developers to hardware manufacturers, confidently invest in their products knowing that Microsoft is committed to their success.

Write Azure software

Writing Azure software the right way means your investments can be syndicated to any Azure Stack cloud that runs the services it requires. Increase adoption through the Azure Marketplace. Continue to improve your applications by taking advantage of PaaS services that you know will be in other clouds for your customers.

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Design, deploy and operate Azure solutions

Hybrid applications can solve problems in new ways. Imagine a single application that’s distributed across clouds, but works the same way in each cloud. Azure Stack helps you unlock new opportunities with customers who need a hybrid solution.

Deploy, customise and operate Azure Stack

Every Azure Stack cloud is an opportunity for deployment of the system, customisation of the capabilities and an operational activity that means a long engagement with a customer to solve their cloud needs.

Operate Azure services in your data centre

You can run your own cloud and monetise Azure services in your data centre. Continue to grow your cloud business by adding more Azure services as they become available. Curate and offer a catalogue of Azure software for the services you deliver.