Migrating to Azure to differentiate and grow

Chevron is a multinational energy corporation, with investments in every aspect of the oil, natural gas and geothermal industries. They are in the midst of a digital transformation initiative that cuts across business units, and are looking to Azure to get them the needed speed and agility. They’re migrating their application portfolio to Azure, including a mixture of platform as a service (PaaS), Internet of Things (IoT), big data and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) technologies. Beyond CAPEX to OPEX efficiencies, they are unlocking greenfield innovation and improving their security and compliance posture.

Using cloud migration solutions at scale

6,000 apps in portfolio
It’s IaaS + PaaS two-prong migration approach

"Chevron has always seen technology as a differentiator, but the cloud enables us to deliver value to the business so much faster. As we migrate thousands of applications to Azure, we are taking the opportunity to modernize. Re-writing applications and taking advantage of Azure platform services while using an automated code pipeline is what will give us the speed to enable digital in the future."

Victoria Harris, Manager Public Cloud at Chevron