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SnapCLOUD - On-demand virtual storage platform provides enterprise-class unified NAS storage and SAN data management. SnapCLOUD couples the simplicity of deploying data storage in minutes with simple “pay as you go” pricing; to meet your business growth needs. With the new SnapSync functionality now available, users can securely share data with ease, yet maintain stringent access control on all devices, regardless of location.

Based on the award winning Guardian OS found in all SnapServers, SnapCLOUD unifies data manageability, access control, and replication between the physical data center and public cloud, to enable a hybrid cloud architecture.

No license is required to start using SnapCLOUD. It is great to test drive or jump start production environments for up to 32TB of storage;

  • Enterprise class sync and share functionality for data mobility and sharing;
  • Build a high performance and resilient virtual storage environment in the cloud;
  • Design a globally distributed, centrally-managed data center and expand your on-premise physical data center.

SnapCLOUD v7.7.032

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