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Azure for healthcare

Controlling healthcare costs with AI and machine learning

Reduce provider and payer costs and improve patient outcomes with Azure AI and machine learning solutions. Learn how organisations can transform all segments of healthcare – from symptom checking and triage to fraud prevention, precision medicine and beyond.

Applying innovative cloud technology to improve healthcare

Healthcare industry investment in data science platforms, including AI (Artificial Intelligence) is growing at a rapid rate. Find out how healthcare organisations are using AI and machine learning to detect patient risk and identify disease faster while maintaining privacy and protecting against fraud.

Implement your specialised solution with a trusted Azure healthcare solution partner

Find and deploy pre-built health and life sciences applications and solutions on AppSource.

Getting started with technical guidance

Download the solutions guide

Get documentation and hands-on training for components used to build this solution

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Stay informed

Hear from Paul Maher, General Manager of the Azure Industry Experience team, about industry news, investments and updates and the latest relevant technologies.