Azure for financial services

Drive digital transformation with Microsoft Azure. Reimagine the customer experience, empower employees with modern tools, optimise risk management and transform your products by taking advantage of the cloud and connected financial systems.

First Tech

“What attracted us to Azure, and what differentiated Azure from everyone else, was its financial services compliance team. Azure partners with federal regulators, both domestic and international, to ensure that its environment supports financial services compliance and auditability needs. That was crucial to us.”

Mike Upton, Chief Technology Officer

Engage customers with personalised experiences

When you know your customers and what they need, you can deliver targeted marketing and offers to prevent losing them to other firms. Use Azure advanced analytics with SaaS applications to build stronger relationships, and capitalise on data-driven insights and machine learning to tailor the financial advice you provide.

“Without having deep access into all this data via the Microsoft solution, we wouldn’t be able to see the impact of the changes we’re rolling out, like our upcoming credit card. Now we can easily evaluate effectiveness and clearly see what we need to adjust.”

Billy Lo, Head of Enterprise Architecture

Empower your employees to best serve customers

Customers are inundated with choice. Give employees the productivity and collaboration tools they need to differentiate your offerings, while meeting regulatory compliance. Use predictive insights to determine a “next best action” for each customer, and take advantage of SaaS-based data to deliver the right offer at the right time.

First Tech Federal Credit Union
“Microsoft doesn’t just work with the largest banks and bank regulators.They bring us, our peers, and the regulators we need to work with together for joint discussions on how to make the cloud work for all of us.”

Mike Upton, Chief Technology Officer

Optimise risk management and ease regulatory compliance

To address regulatory compliance and anticipate risk, you need powerful insights into risk analysis and operational models. Get the visibility you need. Know your customers’ risk profiles through predictive analytics, monitor transactions in real time, and use machine learning and cloud-based solutions to detect patterns and build endlessly scalable solutions.

“I can now manage 750 machines in Azure on weekdays and a thousand on weekends. Plus an extra 300 production machines on-prem. And that’s all done by one person.”

Dr Robert K. Griffiths, Head of High Performance Computing

Innovate and transform products faster to fuel growth

Financial services institutions can capitalise on the lower cost, flexibility and accelerated data analysis offered by the cloud – and invest those savings and gains elsewhere. Like on product innovation. By spending less for on-premises IT infrastructure, you can invest more in innovating and transforming your business and products.

DH Banking
“Microsoft Azure is enabling us to change, in a very fundamental way, the way we build and deliver software to our customers.”

David Boswell, Head, New Lending Products, Product Management

Deploy Azure workloads with built-in compliance and security

Sensitive financial workloads are no problem for maintaining efficient deployment and operations. Automated foundational architectures in Azure help you quickly and easily deploy secure and compliant Azure services using PowerShell. The Azure Payment Processing Blueprint meets the requirements of the Payment Card Information Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

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