Azure SDK 2.6 for .NET Developers

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What’s new in the Azure SDK for .NET 2.6

Manage WebJobs from Server Explorer and debug WebJobs remotely in Azure

The WebJobs feature enables you to run any program or script on VMs managed by Azure Websites. WebJobs are now represented as nodes in the Visual Studio Server Explorer. From the WebJobs node, you can link directly to the Dashboard to see how your WebJobs are running, start and stop continuous jobs and run on-demand or scheduled jobs. Remote debugging of continuous WebJobs is also enabled.

Add mobile services to your Windows Store apps

Connect your apps to mobile services and get a service running quickly with built-in support for data, user authentication and push notifications.

Add mobile services to your Universal Windows apps

Connect your apps to mobile services and get a service running quickly with built-in support for data, user authentication and push notifications.

For more details about new features and updates, have a look at these resources:

More Azure goodness with Visual Studio 2013 Update 3

Install Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 to get these additional Azure features:

Provision Mobile Services during project creation

When you create a Web API project, you can also create a Mobile Service to accompany it, which will enable you to quickly publish your project as you develop and test it. To provision a new mobile service, tick the checkbox to Host in the cloud in the New ASP.NET Project dialogue.

Push Notification Wizard for .NET Mobile Services

The Push Notification Wizard makes it easy to register your Windows Store or Windows Phone client for push notifications and it provides you with sample back-end logic to send push notifications. To invoke the wizard from a Mobile Services app, select the project in Solution Explorer, right-click and choose the Add > Push Notification command.

New tooling for Notification Hubs

Notifications Hubs already has support for sending test notifications to your devices. Visual Studio Update 3 includes more tooling to enable you to view your device registrations, edit tags and delete registrations. To access the Notifications Hubs tooling, find the Notifications Hubs node in Server Explorer, right-click and choose Diagnose.

More tools and libraries for .NET developers

Azure PowerShell cmdlets

Automate service management and service usage through PowerShell scripts. Recent releases include non-interactive login for Microsoft organisation accounts and new cmdlets for Azure File Service, Azure Resource Manager and HDInsight.

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Azure Service Management SDK for .NET

Manage the creation, deployment and destruction of Azure resources through a new .NET API.

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Azure .NET NuGet packages

Download .NET libraries for Service Bus, Storage, Caching, Media Services and more.

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Azure Command Line Interface (X-Plat CLI)

Manage services and accomplish common tasks from a lightweight cross-platform command-line tool. Recent releases include support for Azure Active Directory authentication for all commands, new Azure Resource Manager tags and a secure token store on Windows and Mac.

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PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio brings native PowerShell language support directly into the IDE. In addition to basic editing features such as syntax highlighting and IntelliSense, it also provides more advanced features such as debugging, project support, a command line console and unit test adapter.

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