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Microsoft Azure for .NET Developers

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Visual Studio subscribers receive up to $150 in credits each month to spend on any combination of Windows Azure resources.

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Creating your first application

Intro to Microsoft Azure

Worth a thousand words

What’s new in the Microsoft Azure SDK for .NET 2.2

New SQL Database node in Server Explorer

You can now view SQL Databases in Server Explorer and open them in SQL Server Object Explorer. To connect to a database, just select it, enter your credentials and click on Connect – you don’t need to look up the server name or use a connection string to access the database.

Remote debugging for websites

Start a live debugging session to debug an app running on Microsoft Azure Websites directly from Visual Studio.

Remote debugging for cloud services

Start a live debugging session to debug an app running on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services directly from Visual Studio.

For more details about new features and updates, have a look at these resources:

What’s new in the Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Azure

SDK 2.2 release notes

More tools and libraries for .NET developers

Microsoft Azure PowerShell cmdlets

Automate service management and service usage through PowerShell scripts.

Microsoft Azure Service Management SDK for .NET

Manage the creation, deployment and destruction of Microsoft Azure resources through a new .NET API.

Microsoft Azure .NET NuGet packages

Download .NET libraries for Service Bus, Storage, Caching, Media Services and more.