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Azure Active Directory for developers

Scalable, cross-platform authentication for your mobile apps and websites

Sign in with Microsoft

One-click sign-in for 100 million enterprise users

It takes just five minutes to add sign-in with Microsoft to your app or website. Once it’s working, you’ll be able to access user data inside the enterprise – get an Office365 user’s calendar, email and contacts to boost viral growth. We support all the popular frameworks and platforms. The Microsoft identity stack has been tested by the biggest companies in the world.

Getting started

Azure Active Directory B2C

Customer identity and access management in the cloud

Connect with any user on any platform through your own branded experience. Governments and enterprises worldwide use Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C) to create applications with fully customisable authentication experiences. Integrate with CRM databases, marketing analytics tools and account verification systems. Azure AD B2C provides the same security, scale, reliability and availability offered by Azure AD.

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