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C and C++ Developer Center

Azure makes it easy to build C++ applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability using tools you love

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Azure C++ REST SDK

Most Azure services are accessible via the REST API, and using the C++ REST SDK built for cloud-based client-server communication in native code with a modern async C++ API design makes it easy for C++ developers to connect to and interact with Azure services.

Install via Git

git clone
cd cpprestsdk

Install via NuGet

Install-Package cpprestsdk

Azure Storage SDK for C++

The Azure Storage Client Library for C++ allows you to build applications against Microsoft Azure Storage.

Install via Git

git clone
cd azure-storage-cpp

Install via NuGet

Install-Package wastorage

Develop C++ Azure apps using tools you love

C and C++ with Visual Studio

Develop C++ Windows, Linux and Mobile applications and games using Azure cloud services in a powerful and rich development environment using Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Code

Mac/Linux/Windows: free, open-source editor with C++ debugging, code-completions and more:

Command Line Deployment

Manage deployment with Azure PowerShell from Windows Manage deployments using the Azure Command Line Interface from Linux, Mac or Windows.


Storage – Blob

Storage – Table

Storage – Queue

Event Hub

Azure IoT

Azure Cosmos DB



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