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Zion China uses Azure IoT, Stream Analytics, and Machine Learning to evolve its Intelligent Diabetes Management solution

Zion China

People around the world increasingly use their mobile devices to track health indicators and report the results to their doctors. Zion China, a provider of mobile healthcare and telemedicine services, is a part of this trend. The Beijing company has developed innovative health monitoring and analysis tools that collect data on blood sugar, diet, exercise, and medication for each patient and resulting personalized advice to help patients manage their health. Its developers realized that as the company’s installation base grew, the sheer volume of real-time data presented a scalability and data management problem. They collaborated with Microsoft to take advantage of the scalability of the Azure IoT Suite, Machine Learning, Stream Analytics, SQL Database, and Microsoft Power BI while also improving analytics and data security.
Developers use Azure IoT Hub to provide free Wi-Fi to customers and create new revenue opportunities

Transport for London

Emirates Air Line cable car, owned by Transport for London, runs 1.5 kilometers across the Thames River in London, England. Transport for London wanted to improve customer service while operating its cable car service more efficiently and cost-effectively. Working with Microsoft partner TBS Services, the transport authority developed a solution combining Microsoft Azure, TV White Spaces, and other technologies to provide free Wi-Fi service to passengers, enhancing customer service and creating new revenue opportunities. It is also obtaining the accurate and timely insights it needs to improve operations and perform predictive maintenance on its cable car equipment.
Creating real-time conversations with consumers, wherever they are


Targetbase helps consumer packaged goods and retail companies better engage with their customers. It does this by presenting relevant offers to consumers in real time, across devices and marketing channels. To create this real-time, anytime, anyplace consumer conversation, Targetbase rewrote its marketing platform using Microsoft Azure and the Cortana Intelligence Suite and Microsoft Azure analytics. By using the Cortana Intelligence Suite, Targetbase gained instant access to sophisticated machine learning, cognitive services, and data management capabilities. With Azure, Targetbase can quickly set up new customers, expand and scale anywhere in the world, and cut datacenter costs in half. Most importantly, Targetbase has transformed its offering with uniquely differentiated capabilities.
New Signature preaches—and practices—user-friendly IT

New Signature

New Signature is a midsize IT consulting firm with offices across North America and the UK that wants its employees to be as productive and secure as possible as soon as possible with their IT devices, no matter where they are. At the same time, the company has grown significantly through acquisition of new businesses over the last two years, but is still a relatively small business, and so wants to keep its IT footprint small as well. New Signature found the answer in the cloud—with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)—and as a result is well on its way to a flexible, highly scalable IT environment that is secure by default and supported by a very small IT department.
RCS MediaGroup becomes a cloud-based company using open source on Microsoft Azure

RCS Media Group

RCS MediaGroup is a leading international media publishing group and is focused on developing all media channels using its vast digital ecosystem.  
Developers use cloud power to boost the quality of automotive parts manufacturing

Fagor Ederlan

Nobody wants defective steering or brakes on their car, but it’s not easy to find defects in aluminum parts the moment they’re manufactured. Developers working for automotive parts maker Fagor Ederlan were tasked with building a system that could use the available manufacturing data to predict quality issues. Their work was made more challenging by a diverse range of legacy and proprietary equipment, data access issues, sheer data volumes, and network constraints. Using a Microsoft Azure cloud solution and machine learning model, a joint developer team was able to create a prototype solution that identifies defective parts sooner while conserving network bandwidth. Most importantly, it can be applied to the different machines and factories in the organization’s global system.
Mining company extracts more value from business processes with digital transformation

Capstone Mining

Canada’s Capstone Mining wanted to share information more efficiently, reliably, and affordably across remote locations. Capstone digitally transformed its business environment by moving from on-premises datacenters to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 and the Microsoft Azure platform. As a result, the company has access to data and mission-critical applications anytime, anywhere. And by eliminating on-premises infrastructure, Capstone is on track to save US$6 million over three years. Most importantly, employees have more time for activities that add more business value.
Cloud-powered marketplace cuts IT operational costs by 65%


Trailblazing start-up mrUsta has streamlined how service providers (ustas) and customers connect in the UAE. The online marketplace has allowed service providers to promote their businesses online. Customers can also post job requests (plumbing, carpentry, AC repair, etc.) and connect directly with businesses that provide the service. At the heart of mrUsta’s platform is the desire to use the latest cloud technology for market-leading results.
Cloud gives Saudi school kids problem-free daily home-academy transport

Tatweer Educational Transportation Services Company

Set up in 2012 to help the Kingdom’s next generation of scholars, the Tatweer Educational Transportation Services Company ensures a safe, reliable and carefully-monitored national daily service for hundreds of thousands of young learners via a fleet of 25,000 vehicles. Central to this reliable daily service, which kids from rural and urban homes alike depend on, is Azure, which supports nationwide daily ride monitoring and failsafe disaster recovery.
Mobile provider stays agile in fast-moving market, thanks to Office 365


Three is a United Kingdom–based communications provider with a mission to help customers get the most out of their mobile devices. Because Three takes mobility as seriously for its employees as it does for its customers, the company is deploying Microsoft Office 365 to anchor a move to agile methodology and stay nimble in a competitive industry. Employees use Microsoft Teams to work in collaborative global teams, enhancing the company’s ability to challenge the mobile market with innovative customer products and service.

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