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Microsoft cloud accelerates global expansion for Vietnamese digital content provider

VTC Intercom

With 10 years in-depth experience in developing digital content in Vietnam, VTC Intecom seeks to play a big role in helping co-transform the country into an ICT powerhouse in terms of cloud and digital services. Looking to bolster its efforts in expanding to foreign markets, the company decided to deploy its services through Microsoft Azure, which enabled it to optimize user experience, while delivering flexible and scalable services for customers. VTC Intecom has also reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs, allowing it to focus resources on core business activities.
Swedish firm uses IoT technologies to save energy, water, and millions of dollars for property owners


More people than ever are looking for greener solutions to cut costs and conserve resources. For single-family homeowners, cutting energy use is an easy goal to achieve and measure. For example, a single change such as taking shorter showers will be reflected on next month’s energy bill. But it’s a bit more complicated for owners of apartment buildings. Property owners typically lack effective ways to monitor and influence the energy consumption of individual tenants, and pressure is …
Unique and powerful use of cloud sets innovative new standards in the public sector


To achieve its goal of supporting sport within the country the Bahrain Olympic Committee turned to the Azure cloud to create a hybrid data center to host an innovative open data platform and provide executives with mission critical financial data. The move is changing the way it operates, providing valuable insight for management while opening its doors to the public.
South African government department leads in digital public sector success

Department of Science & Technology

A major South African government entity, Department of Science and Technology, has just completed a comprehensive technology uplift for all 500 of its staff in the shape of a move from a mix of outdated Microsoft and Open Source solutions to a unified, modern and secure common set of desktop, collaboration and IT management apps. The new structure has improved operational efficiency and engaged users, who value the improved interfaces and ways to share knowledge and help stakeholders.
Cloud addresses technological and cost challenges or ERP: SaaS ERP penetrates into wider ranges of businesses


Younglimwon Soft Lab integrated ERP with cloud. Younglimwon Soft Lab’s System Ever helps customers, who hesitate to adopt ERP due to high cost and complexity, to profit from ERP by providing cloud based ERP that realizes optimized solution composing of features on demand. Younglimwon Soft Lab plans to offer hybrid ERP which combines on-premise and cloud in the near future.
Cloud helps focus on gaming development without concerns of infrastructure and reach to global users

Red Sahara

Red Sahara Studio developed ‘Immortal Warrior’ on cloud environment. This cloud-friendly gaming allowed Red Sahara Studio to provide better gaming services regardless of users’ location and to add new features. Red Sahara Studio selected Microsoft Azure because of trusted local supports and constantly updated features that help Red Sahara Studio to add new gaming features now and in future. Red Sahara Studio also chose Microsoft Azure for upcoming ‘Immortal Warriors 2’ for global users.
Expanding smart factories from production to management


LG CNS developed the cloud based smart factory solution ezUMS. By collecting real-time data pouring from factories or products and implementing machine learning, the solution allows management of production to forecast of breakdown. Above the all, technologies that were provided in a cloud and SI form transformed into service products.
Business transformation by moving to the cloud: integrating Document Management System with Microsoft Azure

Jeju Air

JEJU Air transforms its business with Microsoft Azure. JEJU Air replaced paper-based manual which is heavy and unconvenient to browse information with electronic documents based on Microsoft Azure SharePoint, and integrated scattered sales management data into one place. Microsoft Azure helps JEJU Air to not only improve work efficiency but also come forward in the industry to position as comprehensive service provider beyond the airline.
Medical information service using modular software cloud


LG CNS has entered the medical information market in the U.S. LG CNS has provided a systematic and continuous medical information management service by integrating the experience of developing solutions to manage patient’s medical records with the cloud service. As a result, LG CNS has competitiveness as a service company that directly provides modular cloud services.
Remote energy management solution based on the Microsoft Azure IoT

Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics decided to introduce IoT and cloud service to system air-conditioner solutions. Even though the air conditioner is a necessity but its energy efficiency has been questioned continuously. On the other hand, we unexpectedly waste not a little energy in our life. Samsung Electronics prevents energy waste through the optimal operation control and efficient management of S-NET Cloud, while not sacrificing coolness. Taking a step forward, Samsung Electronics attempts to differentiate their products in the global air conditioner market using the inefficient operation detection technology that identifies early indications of malfunction.

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