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The Arizona Department of Education fixes a broken finance and reporting system with Microsoft Azure and the Ed-Fi Alliance

Arizona Department of Education

Mark Masterson and his team at the Arizona Department of Education are using the latest tools in data analytics to fix a previously broken finance and reporting system and reimagine how decisions are made. With help from Microsoft Azure and the Ed-Fi Alliance, the Arizona DOE has optimized their education system and empowered their teachers and administrators.
Online grocer delivers rock-solid user experience and cuts time-to-market


From guaranteeing farm fresh goods to on-time delivery, quality is at the heart of FreshDirect. The online grocer started in the New York area in 2002. Since then, it has expanded throughout the northeastern US and now delivers directly to customers throughout seven states, including the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas and the District of Columbia. In 2016, FreshDirect expanded its portfolio with the launch of FoodKick, an on-demand business that delivers a curated selection of food, alcohol, and essentials—all delivered within an hour. After launching its first mobile apps using platform-specific languages, FreshDirect knew it needed a more scalable long-term strategy that would deliver the same high quality in its mobile apps as in its products and service. With Xamarin Studio (Visual Studio for Mac Preview), Xamarin Test Cloud, and HockeyApp, FreshDirect streamlines and automates app updates, testing, distribution, and monitoring to release even better apps to customers, faster.
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit: Enhancing search relevance in Bing

Microsoft Corporation

The Bing team at Microsoft uses Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, massive data sets, and advanced recurrent neural network models to provide enhanced language understanding for text-based search. Machine-learned triggering and ranking algorithms support natural language and prediction of user intent, providing a more naturally responsive experience. Measured against standardized metrics, advanced sequence training in Bing results in improved precision and recall for faster, more relevant search results.
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit: Advantages for speech and language processing

Microsoft Corporation

Conversational speech presents a broad range of challenges that humans unconsciously overcome, such as environmental noise, multi-speaker interference, and assumptions and elisions introduced by familiarity. Tools provided by Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit drive the human speech parity effort at Microsoft. The speech parity team uses the open-source toolkit to produce powerful, efficient acoustic and language models for conversational speech recognition, while lowering error rates to below those achieved by human subjects.
Leading rewards program offers better insights with Azure

Maritz Motivation Solutions

When many of the world’s largest companies want to reward their employees, salespeople, suppliers, or loyal customers, they turn to Maritz Motivation Solutions to design and implement programs that get results. What Maritz knows is that, at their core, incentive programs are data programs. So when it wanted to consolidate its data and optimize data analytics to improve the insights it delivers to clients, Maritz Motivation Solutions turned to Microsoft Azure and Power BI.
Canada’s largest construction contractor transforms onboarding with Azure AD and Xamarin forms

PCL Construction LLC

Canada’s largest construction contractor, PCL Construction, “celebrates the past and builds for the future.” From their Canadian headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, PCL Construction brings a history of excellence and hard work to construction projects across commercial, institutional, industrial, and civil construction markets coast-to-coast. 
By moving retail operations to Azure, Microsoft Stores provides seamless customer service at 106 locations

Microsoft Corporation

Known worldwide for industry-leading software and cloud services, Microsoft also has a portfolio of 106 retail stores. Although the rapidly growing retail chain offered the benefit of directly engaging customers, tying the customer experience to a physical location had a few drawbacks. If a local server went down, so did the point-of-sale (POS) system. Maintenance was also becoming more expensive with each additional store. To provide seamless service and simplify management, Microsoft decided to adopt a hybrid platform and run its POS solution in the cloud on Azure. By moving its workloads to the cloud, Microsoft Stores also expects to cut infrastructure and operations costs by at least 40 percent.
Linkbynet enhances its IT management services as a result of the Microsoft and Red Hat partnership


The best of both worlds has finally arrived — open source and Microsoft. Until now, companies wishing to move to the cloud had to opt for multiple solutions that were not always compatible. Thanks to the exciting new partnership forged between Microsoft and Red Hat, that’s all in the past. Now, companies can enjoy the powerful combined advantages of security, support and service continuity offered by Azure coupled with technology by Red Hat, the open source market leader active across 35 countries. This hybrid solution is more than evident in the services offered by Linkbynet, a company described as the luxury watchmakers of the IT world.
Large Italian bank has a strong future with Azure

Banca Carige S.p.A.

Gruppo Banca Carige is one of Italy's largest retail banking groups, with 625 branches throughout the country and more than 1 million customers. To better serve those customers, Banca Carige needed a way to improve the ICT infrastructure, reducing costs without reducing service. The answer came in the form of a project that allowed the bank group to save money, improve operations, and increase systems’ availability.
Doing business in Indiana gets easier than ever with a one-stop government portal

Indiana Office of Technology

The state of Indiana wanted to provide secure, online access to services such as business licensing, tax payment, and unemployment benefits for more than 6 million citizens. Using the new Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C identity system for its INBiz portal, the state is providing a one-stop resource for an expanding array of business services. By taking advantage of the Microsoft cloud-based identity management system, Indiana is expanding and enhancing citizen services easily and affordably.

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