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Japanese university uses cloud software to develop smart agriculture solutions

Osaka Prefecture University

Osaka Prefecture University is helping lead the development of smart agriculture technologies, including plant factories where crops can be grown indoors under carefully controlled conditions. The university is using Midori Cloud, developed by Seraku and built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, to help manage these environments. With access to detailed image data of vegetables, along with climate, soil, and facilities data provided by Midori Cloud, farmers can produce more and better crops and help rejuvenate the Japanese agriculture industry.
School district’s website handles avalanche of traffic during record snowfall

School District #42 Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows

Located less than 40 miles from Vancouver, British Columbia, School District 42 serves the communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. School District 42 has 15,000 students in 27 elementary and secondary schools. During storms and other major events, the school district faced a barrage of inquiries from parents and other caretakers that could slow or crash websites. To improve resilience and keep communication channels open, School District 42 migrated its WordPress sites to the Microsoft cloud. By taking advantage of services like Azure Database for MySQL, School District 42 can keep websites running smoothly during storms, power outages, and other emergencies.
Providing complex analytics without the complexity

Higher Ed Profiles

Higher Ed Profiles was started in 2015 to provide higher-education institutions with more affordable and easier-to-use analytics reporting through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. It built its multifaceted service on PostgreSQL and in 2016 moved to Microsoft Azure. When the company saw how the app service architecture in Azure helped remove the burden of managing the web server and the operating system, it decided to move its PostgreSQL database to a managed service as well. While transparent to its customers, the move to Azure Database for PostgreSQL has virtually eliminated database management for Higher Ed Profiles, freeing its developers to add features and address customer requests.
Dutch college enhances student and faculty collaboration with Smart Campus solutions

Drenthe College

Drenthe College prepares students in the Netherlands to work in a range of industries. Meeting the technology needs of 11,000 students and 1,000 staff members is challenging enough—but in the space-constrained Netherlands, the school must also optimize campus space and minimize building costs. Using Microsoft Azure and Office 365, the school built a smart portal and created a mobile responsive website to ensure effective use of classroom space. As a result, it has improved life for staff and students and is saving thousands of euros.
Keiser University transforms its business and drives efficiency with the Microsoft Cloud

Keiser University

Keiser University is a private, non-profit, career-focused institution built on the idea that learning can take place anytime, anywhere. Much of Keiser’s classes are held online, although they do have physical campuses across the U.S. and around the world, including Nicaragua and China. As Associate Vice Chancellor of IT at Keiser University, Andrew Lee handles everything that has to do with digital technology, ensuring that teachers and students have the tools and tech they need every day. When he joined Keiser 18 years ago, the IT department consisted of just two people serving five schools and 1,500 students. At that time, the university was renting rack space at several physical data centers. Complications were beginning to arise, though, in terms of the costs and the way the school operated. Keiser University is one of many institutions undergoing a digital transformation and reinventing themselves as a digital-first enterprise. Andrew’s goal is to keep the school as “state of the art” as possible as it grows while staying within budget.
The Arizona Department of Education fixes a broken finance and reporting system with Microsoft Azure and the Ed-Fi Alliance

Arizona Department of Education

Mark Masterson and his team at the Arizona Department of Education are using the latest tools in data analytics to fix a previously broken finance and reporting system and reimagine how decisions are made. With help from Microsoft Azure and the Ed-Fi Alliance, the Arizona DOE has optimized their education system and empowered their teachers and administrators.
Omaha Public Schools transforms teacher coaching and instructional app adoption with a modern data platform

Omaha Public Schools

Since 2014, Omaha Public Schools has committed to a complete digital transformation. In support of their previous Office 365 and Surface adoptions, the district has tapped Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, and Power BI to reimagine teacher development, student learning, and data-driven decision making.

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