Monthly archives: November 2018

The Green Team solves high-risk, systemic security issues for Microsoft Azure

26 November 2018

In the past, I’ve spoken at length on the criticality of assuming breaches can and will occur rather than simply seeking to focus solely on preventing breaches from occurring. Dating back to 2009 this security strategy, called Assume Breach, has historically been executed by two core groups in Microsoft: The Red Team (attackers) and the Blue Team (defenders). We now introduce the Green Team (fixers).

Partner Group Engineering Manager, Azure Security

Azure.Source - Volume 59

26 November 2018

Introducing Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC1, Azure IoT Edge security with enclaves now in public preview, What you need to know when writing hybrid applications, and more.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

Extension Host is coming to Azure Stack with the next update 1811

21 November 2018

Back in August we informed you with a blog post title “Enhance security and simplify network integration with Extension Host on Azure Stack” about a new capability that is coming to Microsoft Azure Stack. This capability further enhances the security and simplifies network integration. Extension Host is going to be enabled by the next Azure Stack update 1811.

Senior Program Manager, Azure Stack

What you need to know when writing hybrid applications

21 November 2018

As of today, Azure is present in 54 regions, several sovereign clouds, as well as in our customers’ data centers through Azure Stack. Consistency is a fundamental pillar of Azure, no matter which region you are deploying your application to, the way you write your scripts and templates is the same.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Stack