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    May 2019

    6 May

    Announcing Ephemeral OS Disk in Public Preview

    We are happy to announce Ephemeral OS disk in Public Preview. Ephemeral OS disks work well for stateless workloads, where applications are tolerant of individual VM failures and are more concerned about the time it takes to deploy at scale or to reimage the individual VMs.

    April 2019

    22 Apr

    Azure Batch updates now available

    Here are the latest new or enhanced capabilities for Azure Batch, available now.

    10 Apr

    Azure Data Box Disk now available in Japan and Korea

    Announcing availability of Data Box Disk in Japan and Korea

    2 Apr

    Azure portal April 2019 update

    The Azure portal has been updated in the areas of IaaS, Azure Data Explorer, Security Center, Azure Site Recovery, RBAC, support, and more.

    1 Apr

    B-series update: B1ls is now available

    The new B1ls Azure virtual machine, which has the smallest memory and lowest cost among Azure VM instances, is now available.

    March 2019

    29 Mar

    Azure File volume disk plugin is currently in preview

    Azure File volume disk is currently in preview. Using Azure Files for remote state storage for containers. For more details see

    27 Mar

    Greater storage capacity and performance with new Azure Disks SKU

    New Azure managed disks SKUs for Premium SSDs, Standard SSDs and Standard HDDs will reach up to 32TiB (32,767 GB). Performance will now reach up to 20,000 IOPS and 900 MBps on Premium SSD Disks

    5 Mar

    Protect on-premises VMs by directly replicating to managed disks in Azure

    Azure Site Recovery supports disaster recovery of VMware virtual machines and physical machines by directly replicating to managed disks.

    February 2019

    12 Feb

    Storage Standard SSD Managed Disks name changes

    Effective March 1, 2019, the names for Storage Standard SSD Managed Disks in Germany will change.

    5 Feb

    Ev3 and ESv3 series VMs are available in Azure HDInsight

    Ev3 and ESv3 series VMs are available in Azure HDInsight.

    January 2019

    30 Jan

    Azure Site Recovery: Azure VM disaster recovery updates

    In Azure Site Recovery, we've added several features for VM disaster recovery.

    9 Jan

    General availability: Azure Data Box Disk

    Azure Data Box Disk is now generally available in the US, EU, Canada, and Australia.

    December 2018

    4 Dec

    Deploy Service Fabric Ubuntu clusters on-premise using Bosh

    Using Bosh as the deployment mechanism provides a way to define the deployment, monitor the cluster and auto-heal the infrastructure.

    November 2018

    21 Nov

    Azure Site Recovery supports firewall-enabled storage accounts

    Azure Site Recovery now supports firewall-enabled storage accounts.

    14 Nov

    New H-series Azure VMs for HPC workloads are in preview

    Two new H-series (HB and HC) Azure Virtual Machines for High-Performance Computing (HPC) workloads now in preview.

    1 Nov

    Azure Stack support for Azure Backup

    Azure Stack operators can now backup and recover guest OS, data disks, and volumes using Azure Backup.

    October 2018

    24 Oct

    Simplified restore experience for Azure virtual machines

    Azure Backup now offers an improved restore experience for Azure virtual machines by taking advantage of Resource Manager templates and managed disks.

    17 Oct

    Azure AD DS now supports Azure managed disks

    Azure AD DS managed domains gain greater availability and resilience with support for Azure managed disks.

    3 Oct

    Azure Backup now supports Standard SSD Managed Disks

    Target availability: Q4 2018

    Azure Backup supports Standard SSD Managed Disks, a new type of durable storage for Azure virtual machines.