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Run your visualisation workloads with high-performance computing (HPC) on Azure

Boost productivity

Run any graphic-intensive workload in the cloud and deliver extraordinary experiences to any device, anywhere, at any time, using Azure’s 50+ global data centre regions.

Flexible deployment

Visualise data in an environment of your own choice. Azure supports a range of operating systems, delivers a range of GPU configurations, and memory and storage configurations.

Reduce costs

Eliminate the need to buy workstations by leveraging on-demand access to high-performance workstations that can be configured to meet your price/performance needs.

Create powerful remote visualisation workstations with Azure Virtual Machines (VMs)

Visualise simulation data and run streaming, gaming, encoding, and VDI scenarios on GPU-powered Azure NV-series Virtual Machines (VMs). For the most extreme GPU-accelerated graphics applications, such as 3D CAD modelling, 3D rendering, and scientific visualisation, use high-performance NVv3-series VMs. NVv3 VMs support premium storage and come with twice the system memory (RAM) as earlier NV VMs.

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Learn how customers are creating remote workstations with Azure HPC

Dudek uses cloud workstations to dramatically reduce drone image processing time, speed emergency response

"Using Workspot, the drone data processing use case showed very straightforward ROI and addressed our business challenge of maintaining our competitive edge."

Brian Nordmann, CIO, Dudek

"After a year of testing and fine-tuning, we determined that using Workspot workstation Cloud to deliver workstations from Azure – powered by NVIDIAA GPU accelerators – made good business sense."

Israel Sumano, Senior Director Infrastructure Services, Southland Industries
Southland Industries

"With technologies such as Azure Digital Twins, customers can build digital replicas of their buildings, access digital tours, and assess solutions prior to implementation. This will require significant CPU power, and with Azure and NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation, TBI can save on technology investments and do things faster and better."

Dirk kan Langbroek, Director, Shared Service Center

"The new Azure GPUs enable us to deliver workstation-class experiences to users on any connected device. For example, a designer can create a 3D CAD model from a laptop using an Azure Virtual Machine NV6, a single-GPU instance, and then instantly switch to an NV24, a quad-GPU instance, to dramatically speed up the time it takes to run a complex simulation."

Carsten Puls, Chief Product Officer, Frame

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