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MySQL developer resources

Explore training, videos, and best practises to help you build applications faster with a fully managed MySQL database service

Build MySQL applications and deploy them in Azure

Accelerate innovation by hosting your PHP, Java, and Python applications, and MySQL databases in Azure managed services

Build MySQL applications on your terms

Use managed services such as Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Spring Cloud to host your PHP, Python, and Java applications.

Innovate faster with a fully managed MySQL database

Focus on app development, instead of database management, while maintaining maximum flexibility and control for database operations.

Find the deployment and pricing option that fits your needs

Scale compute, memory, and storage independently and pay only for what you use. New to Azure? Build in the cloud with an Azure free account.

Developers are innovating with Azure Database for MySQL

HSBC innovates using Azure for its PayMe for Business app

Learn how HSBC, one of the world's leading international banks, built an intelligent analytics-rich digital payment platform for its PayMe for Business app on Azure.


Nobel prize website achieves unprecedented scale and flexibility

"With Linux on Azure App Service, we can be production ready without worrying about maintaining the infrastructure and can confidently autoscale our Nobel Prize site for high global traffic loads."

Hans Mehlin, CTO/CIO, Nobel Media

Danish IT company KMD provides rich healthcare experience with Azure

"We predict this will greatly reduce our costs because we won't have any capacity sitting idle. It will also improve performance levels: if a customer adds 1,000 new users without telling us, their database will scale to automatically handle it."

Flemming Havn, Head of DevOps, KMD

Take the learning journey for MySQL developers

Learn about Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server, and how Python, Java, and PHP developers build applications and deploy them in Azure. Take just an hour a day for 30 days to explore self-paced videos, tutorials, and training modules designed for MySQL developers.

Watch videos designed for developers and database administrators

Watch the MySQL Developer Essentials series to get familiar with Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server and the app hosting services in Azure. Learn how to use these services together to build applications for MySQL. Watch the channel.

What is Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server?

Get started by learning about the key concepts and features.

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Application patterns and use cases

Discover typical use cases and application patterns for MySQL in Azure.

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Cost management and optimisation

Explore ways to manage and optimise the cost of your MySQL workloads in Azure.

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Migrating MySQL databases

Learn how to migrate your MySQL databases to Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server.

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Enjoy popular Azure services free for 12 months, more than 55 services free always, and $200 credit to use in your first 30 days.

Connect with an Azure sales specialist

Get advice on getting started with Azure. Ask questions, learn about pricing and best practises, and get help designing a solution to meet your needs.

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