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What is Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template. In a single template, you can deploy multiple services along with their dependencies. You use the same template to repeatedly deploy your application during every stage of the application life cycle.

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Provision a function app on a dedicated hosting plan

This template provisions a function app on a dedicated hosting plan, meaning it will be run and billed just like any App Service site. There are other templates available for provisioning on a dynamic hosting plan.

mattchenderson by Matthew Henderson,
Last updated: 2020-10-20

Deploy Drupal with VM Scale Set, Azure Files and Mysql

Deploy a VM Scale Set behind a load balancer/NAT & each VM running Drupal (Apache / PHP). All nodes share the created Azure file share storage and MySQL database

maniSbindra by Mani Bindra,
Last updated: 2020-10-16

Create an Azure Firewall with IpGroups

This template creates an Azure Firewall with Application and Network Rules referring to IP Groups. Also, includes a Linux Jumpbox vm setup

ssripadham by ssripadham,
Last updated: 2020-10-06

Create a sandbox setup of Azure Firewall with Zones

This template creates a virtual network with three subnets (server subnet, jumpbox subnet, and Azure Firewall subnet), a jumpbox VM with public IP, A server VM, UDR route to point to Azure Firewall for the ServerSubnet,an Azure Firewall with one or more Public IP addresses, one sample application rule, and one sample network rule and Azure Firewall in Availability Zones 1, 2, and 3.

MadhusudhanRavi by Madhusudhan Ravi,
Last updated: 2020-10-06

Create a Standard Storage Account

This template creates a Standard Storage Account

leestott by Lee Stott,
Last updated: 2020-10-05

Deploy a simple FreeBSD VM in resource group location.

This template allows you to deploy a simple FreeBSD VM using a few different options for the FreeBSD version, using the latest patched version. This will deploy in resource group location on a D1 VM Size.

takekazuomi by Takekazu Omi,
Last updated: 2020-10-04

Red Hat Enterprise Linux VM (RHEL 7.8)

This template will deploy a Red Hat Enterprise Linux VM (RHEL 7.8), using the Pay-As-You-Go RHEL VM image for the selected version on Standard A1_v2 VM in the location of your chosen resource group with an additional 100 GiB data disk attached to the VM. Additional charges apply to this image - consult Azure VM Pricing page for details.

BorisB2015 by Boris Baryshnikov,
Last updated: 2020-10-04

Create a VM from a Windows Image with 4 Empty Data Disks

This template allows you to create a Windows Virtual Machine from a specified image. It also attaches 4 empty data disks. Note that you can specify the size of the empty data disks.

kenazk by Kenaz Kwa,
Last updated: 2020-10-04

Deploy a simple Linux VM with Accelerated Networking

This template allows you to deploy a simple Linux VM with Accelerated Networking using Ubuntu version 18.04-LTS with the latest patched version. This will deploy a D3_v2 size VM in the resource group location and return the FQDN of the VM.

FabienLavocat by Fabien Lavocat,
Last updated: 2020-10-04

Simple Umbraco CMS Web App

This template provides a easy way to deploy umbraco CMS web app on Azure App Service Web Apps.

SunBuild by Sunitha Muthukrishna,
Last updated: 2020-10-03

Deploy a Linux VM (Ubuntu) with multiple NICs

This template creates a VNet with multiple subnets and deploys a Ubuntu VM with multiple NICs

sivaedupuganti by sivaedupuganti,
Last updated: 2020-10-03

IPv6 in Azure Virtual Network (VNET)

Create a dual stack IPv4/IPv6 VNET with 2 VMs.

EricTheRed999 by Eric Lantz,
Last updated: 2020-10-03

Multi VM Template with Managed Disk

This template will create N number of VM's with managed disks, public IPs and network interfaces. It will create the VMs in a single Availability Set. They will be provisioned in a Virtual Network which will also be created as part of the deployment

sameeraman by Sameera Perera,
Last updated: 2020-10-03

Deploy a WordPress blog with Docker

This template allows you to deploy an Ubuntu VM with Docker installed (using the Docker Extension) and WordPress/MySQL containers created and configured to serve a blog server.

ahmetalpbalkan by ahmetalpbalkan (old account),
Last updated: 2020-10-02

VMs in Availability Zones with a Load Balancer and NAT

This template allows you to create Virtual Machines distributed across Availability Zones with a Load Balancer and configure NAT rules through the load balancer. This template also deploys a Virtual Network, Public IP address and Network Interfaces. In this template, we use the resource loops capability to create the network interfaces and virtual machines

aaronlower by Aaron Lower,
Last updated: 2020-10-02

Deploy a VM Scale Set with Linux VMs behind ILB

This template allows you to deploy a VM Scale Set of Linux VMs using the latest patched version of Ubuntu Linux 15.10 or 14.04.4-LTS. These VMs are behind an internal load balancer with NAT rules for ssh connections.

gatneil by Neil Sant Gat,
Last updated: 2020-10-02

Deploy a Windows VM and enable backup using Azure Backup

This template allows you to deploy a Windows VM and Recovery Services Vault configured with the DefaultPolicy for Protection.

nilaydshah by Nilay Shah,
Last updated: 2020-10-02

Virtual machine with an RDP port

Creates a virtual machine and creates a NAT rule for RDP to the VM in load balancer

mmarch by Michael,
Last updated: 2020-10-01

GitHub Enterprise

GitHub Enterprise is the private version of that will run on a VM in your Azure subscription. It makes collaborative coding possible and enjoyable for enterprise software development teams.

github by GitHub,
Last updated: 2020-10-01

Enable encryption at rest for Azure Machine Learning

A template that creates a new Azure Machine Learning workspace. Optionally, you can enable encryption for data at rest in the workspace, and data stored by the workspace in Azure Cosmos DB.

Blackmist by Larry Franks,
Last updated: 2020-10-01

Deploy a 5 Node Secure Cluster

This template allows you to deploy a secure 5 node Service Fabric Cluster running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter on a Standard_D2_v2 Size VMSS.

erikadoyle by Erika Doyle Navara,
Last updated: 2020-09-30

Create Blob Storage and Event Grid subscription to the Blob

Creates Azure Blob Storage account and then creates an Event Grid subscription to that Blob.

spelluru by Sreedhar Pelluru,
Last updated: 2020-09-30

Create Key Vault with logging enabled

This template creates an Azure Key Vault and an Azure Storage account that is used for logging. It optionally creates resource locks to protect your Key Vault and storage resources.

slapointe by Stephane Lapointe,
Last updated: 2020-09-29

ROS on Azure with Windows VM

This template creates a Windows VM and installs the ROS into it using the CustomScript extension.

ms-iot by Microsoft IoT,
Last updated: 2020-09-29