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Learn how to move your SAP workloads to the cloud

Published: 2019-04-11

SAP is the heart of your organization’s data store, and now is the time to start making a plan for moving your SAP workloads to the cloud. There are major benefits to running SAP on the cloud, including cost savings, powerful BI tools to help you boost innovation, and comprehensive security and disaster recovery capabilities. 

Start your planning by downloading this free collection of e-books, white papers, and an editable PowerPoint template to help you share your strategy for moving your SAP estate to the cloud with your internal teams. You’ll learn key insights about:
  • Cloud-based options for production-grade SAP environments.
  • Complying with SAP’s requirement to move ERP solutions to S/4HANA by 2025.
  • Using cloud-based Power BI and other big data tools in a variety of applications, such as risk management and sentiment analysis.
  • How Microsoft’s SAP certified high-performance infrastructure supports lift-and-shift with SAP HANA.    


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