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Azure Machine Learning designer

Visually build, test, and deploy machine learning models

Visual machine learning to accelerate productivity

Drag-and-drop interface to speed up model building and deployment for the entire data science team, from beginners to professionals.

Visual machine learning to accelerate productivity

Connect to any data source and prepare and preprocess data using a variety of built-in modules

Build and train models visually using the latest machine learning and deep learning algorithms

Use drag and drop modules to validate and evaluate models

Deploy and publish real-time or batch inference endpoints with a few clicks

Connect and prepare data with ease

Drag and drop a registered dataset, connect to various data sources including Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure SQL or upload data from a local file. Preview and visualise the data profile in just one click. Preprocess data using a rich set of built-in modules for data transformation and feature engineering.

Build and train models without writing code

Build and train machine learning models with state-of-the art machine learning and deep learning algorithms, including those for computer vision, text analytics, recommendations and anomaly detection. Drag and drop modules for no-code models or customise using Python and R code.

Validate and evaluate model performance

Interactively run machine learning pipelines. Cross-validate models and datasets for accuracy. Access data visualisations to evaluate models with a few clicks. Perform quick-root cause analysis using graphs, preview logs, and outputs for debugging and troubleshooting.

Deploy models and publish endpoints with a few clicks

Deploy models for real-time and batch inferencing as REST endpoints to your environment with a few clicks. Automatically generate scoring files and the deployment image. Models and other assets are stored in the central registry for machine learning operations (MLOps) tracking and lineage.

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Build your machine learning skills with Azure

Learn more about machine learning on Azure and participate in hands-on tutorials with this 30-day learning journey. By the end, you’ll be prepared for the Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification.

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