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Azure migration and modernisation partners

Get help with your cloud migration project by finding the right migration and modernisation partners and tools.

Find a migration and modernisation partner

Get started with your migration project with help from certified Azure migration and modernisation partners. Choose from expert managed service providers or advanced specialisation partners.

Advanced specialisation partners

Azure advanced specialisation partners provide high-quality consulting and delivery services and offer depth of expertise in migrating and modernising specific scenarios and workloads.

Advanced specialisation partners offer expertise for scenarios such as:

  • Windows Server and SQL Server migration to Azure.
  • Linux and other open-source database migration to Azure.
  • SAP on Azure.
  • Kubernetes on Azure.
  • Modernisation of web apps in Azure.
  • Data warehouse migration to Azure.

Expert managed service providers

Azure expert managed service providers have proven capability around automation, cloud services operations, and optimisation, as well as significant breadth of Azure expertise.

Expert managed service providers offer:

  • Demonstrated capability of providing end-to-end lifecycle management throughout all engagement phases.
  • Repeatable, highly automated solutions enabling and supporting hyperscale cloud implementations.
  • Expertise and technical professional consulting across fields including DevOps, systems operations, and cloud solution architecture, among others.

Join the Azure Migration and Modernisation Programme

Participate as a partner and accelerate the journey to the cloud —with step-by-step guidance for migrating and modernising customers to Azure.

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