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Azure for insurance

Increase scale and performance for your risk modelling by taking it to the cloud

Speed and scale

Run risk simulations more often in a fraction of the current time, and make decisions faster using cloud-scale data analysis.

Resource on demand

Extend your on-premises resources with cloud capacity when and where you need it, paying only for what you use.

Your tools, your cloud

Use familiar tools from leading cloud app and grid software providers with the performance and cost-efficiency of the cloud.

Transforming insurance

To help insurance companies manage their high-performance computing needs, Milliman launched MG-ALFA, which uses Azure to distribute highly complex, mission-critical computing tasks across cloud-based resources, resulting in scalable, supercomputer-level processing capability at a lower cost and with fewer IT resources than through traditional on-premises IT deployments. With the MG-ALFA cloud-based solution, Milliman clients only pay for the processing and storage capabilities they need, without having to deploy, manage and upgrade hardware.

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"We estimate that if a grid is used 60 percent of the year, running MG-ALFA operations on Windows Azure can cut the traditional $3 million cost for a traditional on-premises system by at least one-third."

- Brian Reid, MG-ALFA Global Sales Director

"There has been a major evolution over the past few years in how we support big computing at Towers Watson, and Microsoft plays a growing role in that support."

- Wayne Bullock, Global Leader of Life Insurance Software Dev.

Disrupting the industry

Willis Towers Watson gained competitive advantage, saved costs and broadened the market for its solutions by using Azure to support its RiskAgility FM platform. The company then scaled up its solution to achieve hyperscale financial modelling in a tiny fraction of the time that a more traditional solution would require. In the process, the company estimates that it saved 20 per cent in initial capital costs compared to building an entirely on-premises solution.

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See the future of risk modelling

Download “Empowering Insurance Risk Modelling” to get an in-depth look at how cloud-based compute power improves risks, pricing and reserving.

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Gain efficiency with risk modelling in the cloud

Traditional modelling environment

Capacity limitations for on-premises systems mean that your models take longer to run. Any capacity you add will sit unused most of the time, incurring added costs.

Cloud modelling environment

With virtually limitless capacity and infrastructure resources, you can run your workloads faster and more frequently, and easily handle higher spikes in data usage.

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