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Azure Solutions Lab

Co-engineer and validate your solution with help from experts at Microsoft

What is the Azure Solutions Lab?

The Azure Solutions Lab in Redmond, Washington is your single destination for planning, designing, co-engineering and validating your solution to ensure success. For nearly 20 years, the lab has facilitated on-site collaboration between customers, partners and product development teams across Microsoft. As technology evolves, the lab adapts to offer guidance on new features and capabilities.

Explore Azure reference architectures by scenario

Meet your requirements through validation testing

Optimise the quality and interoperability of your solution, and make sure it meets the needs of your business before you adopt or implement it. Whether you're interested in evaluating multiple products and features or focusing on a specific deployment or scale scenario, you'll find the lab resources and technical expertise you need for effective validation testing at the Azure Solutions Lab.

The lab supports validation testing across every stage of the product release cycle, and it's uniquely positioned to support early evaluation and validation of pre-released products and solutions.

Collaborate on AI and machine learning innovation

Partner with Azure AI engineering teams to dive deeper into product roadmaps and directly influence product strategy. Work side by side with Microsoft data scientists and engineers to accelerate the development of your machine learning solution and apply best practices for implementing AI solutions.

Co-engineer a hybrid-cloud or intelligent-edge solution

Bring your data, your planned architecture, or your early vision to the Azure Solutions Lab and collaborate directly with the Azure Global CAT Engineering team, which is responsible for bridging customers' needs to best practices and proven architectures.

Partner with the Microsoft engineering teams who manage intelligent products and services, and take part in deep-dive sessions for product roadmaps and upcoming releases. Your engagement directly influences the intelligent-edge product strategy and reality at Microsoft.

While you're onsite, take advantage of world-class connectivity and networking options, including Azure ExpressRoute, ExpressRoute Direct, Virtual WAN, Azure Front Door and other cutting-edge technologies that aren't typically available anywhere else.

Build and scale effectively through Azure best practices

Combine the expertise of the Azure Global CAT Engineering team with direct collaboration from Azure product group engineers to make the most of your on-site visit. They’ll help you ensure that your solution follows best practices for architectures, Azure services and other technologies that support the scale, resiliency and high availability that your target audience requires.

Top benefits of the Azure Solutions Lab

The Azure Solutions Lab is dedicated to improving Azure product quality and end-to-end solutions for Azure customers and partners. Here are some of the benefits of refining your solution at the lab:


The lab offers unprecedented access to product engineering teams and subject matter experts. Gain co-engineering input through deep discussions on Azure product features and your solution strategy.

Depth and breadth

Build and validate bigger and more complex end-to-end solutions than you can in your own test environment – the lab has strong relationships with industry-leading hardware and software providers.


Before you arrive, dedicated engagement engineers and data scientists help you define your requirements, develop a focused test plan, and pre-configure your environment, so that you’re as productive as possible during your visit.


Design and engineer your solution in a secure environment. The unique architecture of the Azure Solutions Lab provides dedicated, badge-secured, around-the-clock access to fully isolated customer workspaces.


Multiple Azure ExpressRoute circuits provide direct connectivity to Azure and to multiple high-bandwidth networking options on the premises to ensure the most realistic emulation of your own real-world environment.

Hardware resources

The lab offers all-flash and hybrid Azure Stack systems, Azure Stack Edge appliances and customisable Azure Stack HCI hardware, massive scale-up servers for data-driven workloads and commodity systems for load testing and infrastructure support.

Customers are doing great things with the Azure Solutions Lab

Charles Schwab
Ernst & Young
Fidelity Investments

To get started, contact your Microsoft account manager

The Azure Solutions Lab is available to qualified Microsoft customers at no charge. Call or email your account manager to learn more.