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Working with SQL Azure using .NET

Posted on 23 March, 2011

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

In this quick 10 minute video, you'll get an understanding of how to work with SQL Azure using .NET to create a web application.   I'll demonstrate this using the latest technologies from Microsoft, including ASP.NET MVC3 and Entity Framework.

Although the walkthrough utilizes Entity Framework, the same techniques can be used when working with traditional ADO.NET or other third party data access systems such as NHibernate or SubSonic. In a previous walk-through, we used Microsoft Access to track employee expense reports.  We showed how to move the expense-report data to SQL Azure while still maintaining the on premises Access application.

In this video, we will show how to extend the usage of this expense-report data that's now in our SQL Azure cloud database and make it more accessible via an ASP.NET MVC web application.

The sample code and database scripts are available on Codeplex, if you want to try this for yourself.