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New POPs available for all CDN integrated Azure Media Services customers

Posted on 20 July, 2016

Senior Program Manager, Azure CDN & Azure Media Services

Last November 2015 we annouced the general availability of new CDN delivering POPs and pricing zones in India, Autralia and South America for Azure CDN customers. These new POPs are now available for all CDN integrated Azure Media Services customers. All the new POPs have been enabled for existing CDN integrated AMS streaming endpoints.

In addition, Azure Media Services customers can now enable CDN for streaming endpoints created from all regions (India, Australia, South America, Canada etc.). Note that CDN is a global service. All the CDN POPs will be turned on by default when you enable CDN from any region.

What's next 

In the next few months we'll work on an integrated solution to provide premium tier and multiple CDN options to AMS customers. Today customers can go to Azure CDN service directly to use these capabilities.

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