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Learn More About Windows Azure at A Free, Local Event Near You

Posted on 17 February, 2010

There's still time to attend a free local event to learn more about cloud computing and Windows Azure!  Join your local MSDN and TechNet teams at an upcoming session to take a deep dive into cloud computing, better understand Windows Azure and assess how you can leverage it in your work.  Attendees will get a free thumb drive with key information and demos.

The MSDN-hosted session, "Take Your Applications Sky High with Cloud Computing and the Windows Azure Platform", provides a developer-focused overview of Windows Azure Platform and the cloud computing services that can be used either together or independently to build highly scalable applications. As the day unfolds, attendees will also explore data storage, SQL Azure, and the basics of deployment with Windows Azure.

The TechNet-hosted session, "Windows 7, Virtualization and Windows Azure", provides an IT Generalist/Implementer/Manager-focused overview of Windows Azure including real-world examples of how companies are using Windows Azure today, guidance in thinking about applying it for customer-facing applications, and how it can add flexibility to your computing infrastructure.  This event will also touch on the future of the Windows Azure Platform.

Register today to attend a free, live session in your local area.  Click here to find the event best for you.