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Monthly updates for Virtual Machines: February 2020

28 Feb

Migrate your IaaS resources to Azure Resource Manager by March 1, 2023

Target retirement date: March 01, 2023

We encourage you to make the switch to Azure Resource Manager to take advantage of the many feature enhancements in ARM.

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25 Feb

A8 – A11 Azure Virtual Machine sizes will be retired on March 1, 2021

Target retirement date: March 01, 2021

We recommend moving your high performance computing (HPC) workloads to another HPC Virtual Machine size.

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24 Feb

Virtual machines NVv4 series meter name changes

Effective April 1, 2020, the meter names of Virtual Machines NVv4 series will change because they will become generally available in West Europe and South Central and East US regions.

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4 Feb

New AMD-based Dav4 and Eav4 Azure VMs are available in additional regions


New Azure Dav4-series and Eav4-series virtual machines based on the latest AMD EPYC™ 7452 processor are now available in East US, East US2, West US2, Southeast Asia, North and West Europe regions.

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3 Feb

HBv2-Series VMs are now Generally Available


We are announcing general availability of HBv2 Virtual Machines for High-Performance Computing. HBv2 VMs are designed to provide supercomputing levels of performance and MPI scalability at on-premises competitive economics.

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