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Azure high-performance computing (HPC) for silicon

Scalable, secure, on-demand, high-performance infrastructure with compute, storage and networking optimised for electronic design automation (EDA) workloads.

Customer-validated production usage for hybrid (burst) and fully-on-Azure models, as well as phased, multi-year migration from on-premises to Azure.

Flexible and optimisable reference architecture that meets the needs of each tool or workload in the design flow.

Seamless deployment using industry-standard scheduling tools and storage standards.

Ecosystem partnerships to advance cloud-centric productivity gains through intelligent scaling, AI and machine learning.

Automated platform solution for performing secure collaborative silicon design in the cloud

Azure HPC silicon scenarios

Chip design

Achieve fine-grained control over front and back-end chip design flow, as well as block and full chip levels of physical hierarchy, by optimising your chip design process with Azure technologies and architecture.

IP design

Dramatically improve turnaround time and business ROI for highly scalable processes such as foundational and custom IP design, characterisation and quantification.

Silicon manufacturing

Improve yield and uptime by capturing and analysing foundry data with Azure IoT, cognitive AI, machine learning and mixed reality technologies. Enable fault prediction, perform preventive maintenance, automate machine tuning and processes, and optimise process flows, quality and testing with high-performance computing.

Silicon supply chain

Improve the design sales process and optimise your supply chain by integrating your business planning, inventory optimisation, lifecycle management, component tracking, and logistics and distribution operations with cloud-native applications built on Azure IoT, machine learning, blockchain, and mixed reality technologies.

Contact your Microsoft account team for more information about Azure semiconductor solutions. Learn more in this white paper

Powerful infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for the silicon industry

  • Get the cloud infrastructure support you need to create, manage, operate, and optimise HPC and big compute clusters—at any scale and for any software stack—with Azure CycleCloud. And, get support for industry-standard job schedulers, such as Platform Load Sharing Facility (LSF).
  • Take advantage of large volumes of I/O with sub-millisecond latency with Azure NetApp Files – delivered within an Azure data centre with predictable, low latencies consistent with on-premises performance.
  • Keep your data placement efficient, flexible and cost-effective by deploying a hybrid infrastructure environment. Burst your EDA applications into Azure using data stored in on-premises NAS devices, and scale to meet your needs using an intelligent cache with Azure HPC Cache.

Accelerate semi-conductor digital transformation

Boost productivity, optimise resources and speed up time to market with finely tuned silicon manufacturing and design solutions that run on globally available Azure HPC infrastructures. Microsoft is working to improve the complex EDA software landscape to help semi-conductor companies achieve better quality designs, innovative solutions and faster product delivery.


"We are increasingly doing our chip development in a hybrid cloud environment to give us maximum flexibility. So we are happy to be partnering with Microsoft to use Milan based Azure VMs as a key part of our Hybrid Cloud infrastructure as we optimize for EDA workloads."

Lisa Su, President and CEO, AMD

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