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Azure HPC solutions for COVID-19

Find new strength with solutions for compute-intensive workloads and financial analytics. And see how Azure is helping researchers respond to COVID-19 with scalable, high-performance computing.

Advanced AI healthcare research

Expedite your scientific research with more powerful simulations, including 3D structure mapping of virus proteins and compound screening to determine drug effectiveness.

Boost financial insights

React more quickly to changes in financial markets with intelligent, real-time applications that yield deeper, more reliable fiscal insights.

Work anywhere

Elevate remote work productivity to the same level as working from the office with dynamic collaboration tools.

Submit your research grant proposal

As a member of the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, Microsoft is helping researchers accelerate their understanding of the virus and the development of treatments and vaccines through two major initiatives.

See how Azure HPC helps improve outcomes

Help propel more medical breakthroughs

Accelerate insights in genomics, precision medicine, and clinical trials with near-infinite high-performance bioinformatics infrastructure. And, get deeper insights from medical data with AI in healthcare, advanced analytics, and machine learning tools.

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Gain deeper insights from your financial data

React fast to ongoing changes in the financial landscape to make the best decisions for your organisation. Get intelligence and insights with powerful scalability – including advanced analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities.

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Boost your organisation’s remote work efficiency

Drive productivity and reduce IT costs by deploying the data environment of your choice. Remotely deliver powerful new visualisation and remote simulation capabilities that rival in-office experiences.

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See how Azure customers are making a difference

"Virtualization will become more important to the industries we serve. With technologies such as Azure Digital Twins, customers can build digital replicas of their buildings, access digital tours, and assess solutions prior to implementation. This will require significant CPU power, and with Azure and NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation, TBI can save on technology investments and do things faster and better."

Dirk jan Langbroek, Director, Shared Service Center, TBI

"With the advent of this pandemic, we have allocated our computing resources and our scientific skill sets to model the dynamics of the spike protein and its interaction with angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). We are extremely grateful to Dr. Lee, Dr. Weinstein, and their teams at Microsoft in supporting our efforts to discover novel binding sites to [respond to this disease]."

Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong, Chairman and CEO, ImmunityBio

"By migrating to the cloud, we are able to spin up extra virtual machines (VMs) if something requires some additional scenario analysis. Previously we didn't have access to this sort of compute on demand. And obviously the performance improvements are very welcome. This access to compute on demand helps my team deliver better pricing to our customers."

Karin Bergeron, Managing Director and Head of XVA Trading at Scotiabank, a Riskfuel customer

Learn how Azure HPC is driving positive changes for the future

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See how to make a difference in your response to COVID-19 with Azure HPC

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