Solution architecture: SMB disaster recovery with Azure Site Recovery

Small and medium-sized enterprises can inexpensively implement disaster recovery to the cloud by using Azure Site Recovery or a partner solution such as Double-Take DR.

This solution is built on the Azure-managed services: Traffic Manager, Azure Site Recovery and Virtual Network. These services run in a high-availability environment that is patched and supported, allowing you to focus on your solution instead of the environment they run in.

Recuperación ante desastres SMB con Azure Site RecoveryLas empresas de tamaño pequeño y medio pueden implementar económicamente la recuperación ante desastres en la nube mediante Azure Site Recovery o una solución de asociado como Double-Take DR.Azure Failover SiteRecovery VMsPrimary Site (On-Premise)Before FailoverAfter Failover*VMs aren't created until failover occursIIS VMSQL Server2016 VMVirtual NetworkSQL Server2016 VM*IIS VM*Blob StorageCustomersTraffic Manager(DNS Routing)Site Recovery

Implementation guidance

Products/Description Documentation

Traffic Manager

DNS traffic is routed via Traffic Manager that can easily move traffic from one site to another based on policies defined by your organisation.

Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery orchestrates the replication of machines and manages the configuration of the failback procedures.

Virtual Network

The virtual network is where the failover site will be created when a disaster occurs.

Blob storage

Blob Storage stores the replica images of all machines that are protected by Site Recovery.

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