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Analytics in Azure is up to 14 times faster and costs 94 per cent less than other cloud providers.

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Price performance is critical for analytics

Azure tops other cloud providers in both the TPC-H and TPC-DS benchmark reports from GigaOm.*

Compare price-performance of Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Google BigQuery

Azure SQL Data Warehouse outperforms Google BigQuery in all TPC-H and TPC-DS* benchmark queries. SQL Data Warehouse consistently demonstrated better price-performance compared with BigQuery, and costs up to 94 per cent less when measured against SQL Data Warehouse clusters running TPC-H* benchmark queries.

Compare price-performance of Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Amazon Redshift

GigaOm benchmarks also revealed that Azure SQL Data Warehouse outperforms Amazon Redshift in 86 per cent of all the TPC-H* benchmark queries. SQL Data Warehouse also consistently demonstrated better price performance compared with Redshift and costs up to 46 per cent less when measured against SQL Data Warehouse clusters running TPC-DS* benchmark queries.

*Performance and price-performance claims based on data from a study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by GigaOm in January 2019 for the TPC-H benchmark report and March 2019 for the TPC-DS benchmark report. Analytics in Azure is up to 14 times faster and costs 94 per cent less, according to the TPC-H benchmark, and is up to 12 times faster and costs 73 per cent less, according to the TPC-DS benchmark. Benchmark data is taken from recognised industry standards, TPC Benchmark™ H (TPC-H) and TPC Benchmark™ DS (TPC-DS), and is based on query execution performance testing of 66 queries for TPC-H and 309 queries for TPC-DS, conducted by GigaOm in January 2019 and March 2019, respectively; testing commissioned by Microsoft. Price-performance is calculated by GigaOm as the TPC-H/TPC-DS metric of cost of ownership divided by composite query. Prices are based on publicly available US pricing as of January 2019 for TPC-H queries and March 2019 for TPC-DS queries. Actual performance and prices may vary. Learn more about the GigaOm benchmark study

GigaOm report: Data Warehouse in the cloud benchmark

See how SQL Data Warehouse outperforms other cloud providers as a scalable, highly performant, analytical cloud solution at an unmatched performance and value based on the industry-standard TPC-H benchmark.

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GigaOm report: Cloud data warehouse performance testing

See how SQL Data Warehouse outperforms other cloud providers in complex and demanding queries that enterprises depend on to run critical business functions based on the industry-standard TPC-DS benchmark.

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Seven key principles of cloud security and privacy

Security and privacy are fundamental requirements for every organisation. Implementing these seven key business principles will help you ensure that you aren’t compromising your security and privacy strategy.

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Security and privacy for the cloud data warehouse

When choosing a database platform, security and privacy should be a foundational component of its design. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn what to assess when choosing a data warehouse.

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Turn your data into insights with breakthrough performance, security and speed

Learn more about SQL Data Warehouse, the cost-efficient data warehouse designed for enterprise analytics. Get breakthrough query performance for your complex and critical workloads and granular security control across all of your data, using analytics solutions that are compatible with your existing development, BI and data science tools.

Manage your workloads with more flexibility

Provide flexible SLAs, security and privacy levels while delivering faster insights. Get more value in price-per-query performance – with no limitations.

Protect your data with advanced security

Get a comprehensive set of security capabilities with data protection, access control and built-in threat detection.

Deliver insights to all in your organisation

Make powerful insights accessible to all of your teams and turn your data from insights to action. Bring petabyte-scale analytics to Power BI using SQL Data Warehouse.

Customers are getting powerful insights with analytics in Azure

“It was immediately clear to us that with Azure, particularly Azure key vault, we would be able to meet our own rigorous requirements for data protection and security.”

Guido Vetter, Head of Corporate Center of Excellence Advanced Analytics and Big Data, Daimler AG

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“Azure SQL Data Warehouse instantly gave us equal or better performance than our current system, which has been incrementally tuned over the last 6.5 years for our demanding performance requirements.”

Lara Minor, Senior Enterprise Data Manager, Columbia Sportswear

“We leveraged the elasticity of SQL Data Warehouse to scale the instance up or down, so that we only pay for the resources when they’re in use, significantly lowering our costs. This architecture performs significantly better than the legacy on-premises solutions it replaced, and it also provides a single source of truth for all of the company’s data.”

Chetan Kundavaram, Global Director, Anheuser-Busch InBev

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