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How to Make Cloud More Secure Than Your Own Data Center

Read this Gartner report to learn about taking advantage of security solutions from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers. This report tells you how:

  • The automation, programmatic infrastructure and built-in security capabilities of leading IaaS providers enable enterprises to improve and scale the protection of public cloud infrastructure.
  • Properly managed, security and risk management leaders can secure cloud better than their data centers.

Enterprise DevOps Report 2020–2021

Discover how to scale DevOps practices throughout your organization to improve business metrics, customer satisfaction, and Developer Velocity—creating the right environment for developers to innovate. Download Enterprise DevOps Report 2020–2021, a Microsoft and Sogeti research study of more than 250 cloud and DevOps implementations. Use the report’s recommendations as a blueprint for your successful adoption of enterprise DevOps.

Read the report to learn about:

  • Six key areas of enterprise IT, including governance, that face significant challenges as part of enterprise DevOps transformation.
  • Common ideologies and patterns followed by top performing adopters to address the challenges of enterprise DevOps.
  • Strategies implemented by successful enterprises to build continuous governance, security, quality, and compliance into their engineering processes.
  • DevOps best practices to enable your organization to support distributed teams and remote work.

The Revenue and Growth Opportunities for Microsoft Azure Partners

Learn how to accelerate your growth, reduce costs, and get the most value from Azure and Microsoft as a technology partner.

In this study from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Microsoft, you’ll learn how Azure has helped technology companies reach more customers, improve their agility, and go to market faster. You’ll also see how Azure enables software vendors to enter new markets and get exposure to the 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies that already use Azure. Plus, you’ll learn about the best practices that helped those partners succeed.

For this study, Forrester interviewed Azure partners of varying sizes around the world. Read about how these partners used Azure to:

  • Close deals that are up to 100 percent larger in revenue than their average contract value.
  • Increase the size of deal flow pipelines by 50 to 100 percent on average. 
  • Bring in more revenue from expected follow-on services.
  • Boost license annual recurring revenue by 10 percent as customers see more value from specialized Azure services.
  • Build, sell, and market solutions that increased IP margins by 5 percent.
  • Sell faster and reach customers in new markets through Azure Marketplace. 

Download the study to discover the lessons that were learned, explore the most important market factors driving partners’ growth, and get advice from your peers who continue to scale their businesses with Microsoft. 

Costs and Benefits of .NET Application Migration to the Cloud

Read this analyst report to learn how to save up to 54% vs. on-premises and up to 26% vs. AWS by migrating your ASP.NET applications to Azure. The scalability and managed features of Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database help you improve developer productivity, simplify your operations, and manage your apps more efficiently.

In the report, we review the findings of a modernization platform test that compares a traditional ASP.NET application running on-premises, in Azure App Service, and on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to increase app availability with zero downtime through deployment slots.
  • How to get started with the Azure Migrate web apps migration tool—specifically designed for .NET web app workloads.

Download this report to learn how to free up time to build your apps and lower costs . 

The Total Economic Impact™ of Migration to Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Databases

Explore the benefits, costs, and considerations associated with deploying Azure SQL managed databases in this Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Microsoft.

Four customers were interviewed about their experience migrating their on-premises SQL Server workloads to the cloud using Azure SQL managed databases, which include Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure SQL Database. In addition to a projected return on investment of 238 percent over three years, the analysis showed that a representative organization based on the interviewed customers also experienced: 

  • A 25 percent increase in IT productivity. 
  • A 40 percent improvement in productivity for database administrators. 
  • Cost benefits, including avoiding on-premises infrastructure costs of $5.4 million related to computing power, storage, networks, and datacenter space and energy. 

Download the study now to learn about the potential financial impact of Azure SQL managed databases on your organization. 

Forrester Commercial Marketplace TEI

Microsoft’s commercial marketplace helps partners connect with Microsoft’s customers, go to market with Microsoft’s sellers and partner ecosystem, and reduce operating costs and selling complexity.

Forrester interviewed 16 partners with different levels of experience selling through the storefronts, the reseller network, and the Microsoft field salesforce. Here are the four key takeaways:

  1. The commercial marketplace underpins multichannel sales models
  2. The commercial marketplace and Marketplace Rewards make it easier for partners to work with Microsoft
  3. The commercial marketplace makes it easier and less expensive to sell to and manage customers
  4. The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing marketplace importance

Download the study now to learn about best practices and recommendations that partners can follow to achieve more rapid success.

The Revenue And Growth Opportunities For Microsoft Azure Partners

Microsoft Azure presents partners with various benefits and opportunities to grow and scale their businesses. Forrester investigated three questions related to Azure and partners.

1) What are the revenue and gross margin economic opportunities?

2) What are the factors that are driving growth and making partners successful in terms of what they bring to market and how they go to market?

3) What are best practices and calls to action partners should follow to continue in their Azure-partner journeys? 

Forrester explores all of these questions in this study.

The Future of VDI is Cloud

Empower your employees to work securely from anywhere with a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Cloud desktops provide the cost-savings and scalability that on-premises VDI may not offer. Evaluate cloud desktops that help to improve security, simplify management, and reduce costs. 

Read this Forrester report to: 

  • Find out how cloud virtualization provides employees with more freedom to work securely from anywhere than on-premises VDI. 
  • Get details about the top business needs—like improving security and lowering IT costs—that are driving cloud virtualization adoption. 
  • Match cloud desktop offerings to address your needs and explore options from different providers including Microsoft Azure. 

Secure Your IoT Deployments To Drive Business Success

A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By Microsoft:  In May 2019, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to understand how business decision makers are thinking about IoT security broadly and to explore the specific business value of investing in IoT security. Forrester conducted an online survey with 262 respondents and five interviews with IoT technology planning and deployment decision makers at manufacturing, retail, and healthcare companies in the US, Germany, Japan, and South Korea to explore this topic. We found that as IoT devices and applications become increasingly prevalent in and important to today’s enterprises, firms must reckon with the fact that their IoT security isn’t sufficient and has the potential to cause real harm.  

Evolve Your Infrastructure and Operations Organization to Remain Relevant in the Cloud Era

Deliver new business value by evolving your IT team to support your company’s cloud strategy. This Gartner report details opportunities for IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) roles to adapt as companies plan their cloud migrations. 

Download this report to learn about solutions to these challenges: 

  • Cloud adoption will succeed in the long term, but only if IT organizations make fundamental changes in their organizational mission and team member roles. Cloud initiatives falter without clearly defined leadership or identified expertise to guide the organization’s efforts.
  • Although existing I&O activities must continue for some time, most enterprises will adopt an internal cloud service brokerage model. I&O teams could eventually be displaced if they do not focus on maintaining their relevance.
  • I&O leaders may find their teams’ relevance diminished, if not replaced, by cloud-friendly IT organizational patterns, such as distributed DevOps.

Evolve Your Infrastructure and Operations Organization to Remain Relevant in the Cloud Era, Craig Lowery, 6 February 2020