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Deploy Azure resources through the Azure Resource Manager with community-contributed templates to get more done. Deploy, learn, fork and contribute back.

What is Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template. In a single template, you can deploy multiple services along with their dependencies. You use the same template to repeatedly deploy your application during every stage of the application life cycle.

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Create an Azure VM with a new AD Forest (from a module)

This template creates a new Azure VM, it configures the VM to be an AD DC for a new Forest from a resuable module.

bmoore-msft by Brian Moore,
Last updated: 21/09/2020

Create an Azure VM with a new AD Forest

This template creates a new Azure VM, it configures the VM to be an AD DC for a new forest

bmoore-msft by Brian Moore,
Last updated: 21/09/2020

Install Elasticsearch cluster on Virtual Machines

This template deploys an Elasticsearch cluster on Virtual Machines using linked templates. The template provisions 3 dedicated master nodes, with an optional number of client and data nodes, which are placed in separate availability sets and storage accounts. The template also provides the option of deploying a standalone Marvel cluster.

trentmswanson by Trent Swanson,
Last updated: 21/09/2020

Create an on-demand SFTP Server with persistent storage

This template demonstrates an on-demand SFTP server using an Azure Container Instance (ACI).

bhummerstone by Ben Hummerstone,
Last updated: 19/09/2020

Advanced template for Azure Machine Learning workspace

A template that creates Azure Machine Learning workspace with private endpoints and resources behind VNET

guanyu-240 by Guanyu Wang,
Last updated: 18/09/2020

HDInsight with custom Ambari + Hive Metastore DB in VNET

This template allows you to create an HDInsight cluster in an existing virtual network with a new SQL DB that serves as both a custom Ambari DB and Hive Metastore. You must have an exising SQL Sever, storage account, and VNET.

tylerfox by Tyler Fox,
Last updated: 17/09/2020

Run timer jobs that execute on a schedule using Logic Apps.

This template creates a pair of Logic Apps that allows you to create scheduled timer job instances.

kevinlam1 by Kevin Lam,
Last updated: 11/09/2020

Azure Synapse Proof-of-Concept

This template creates a proof of concept environment for Azure Synapse, including SQL Pools and optional Apache Spark Pools

JamJarchitect by JamJarchitect,
Last updated: 10/09/2020

Application Gateway for a Web App with IP Restriction

This template creates an application gateway in front of an Azure Web App with IP restriction enabled on the Web App.

MCKLMT by Mickaël Mottet,
Last updated: 10/09/2020

Deploy a simple Linux VM and update private IP to static

This template allows you to deploy a simple Linux VM using Ubuntu from the marketplace. This will deploy a VNET, Subnet, and an A1 size VM in the resource group location with a dynamically assigned IP address and then convert it to static IP.

wahidsaleemi by Wahid S.,
Last updated: 9/09/2020

SQL Injection attack on a web app

This will deploy 2 application gateways, a web app, a SQL server and database, OMS and other network resources. One app gateway is in detection mode and other is in prevention mode. Perform the SQL injection attack by following the guidleines and execute the scenario for mitigation and prevention of a SQL injection attack.

girishjaju by girishjaju,
Last updated: 9/09/2020

Deploy an Ubuntu VM with Docker Engine & Rancher

This template allows you to deploy an Ubuntu VM with Docker (using the Docker Extension). In addition, the Rancher Server (or agent) will be deployed.

kvaes by Karim Vaes,
Last updated: 31/08/2020

MongoDB on Ubuntu VMs

This template creates a multi-server MongoDB deployment on Ubuntu virtual machines, and configures the MongoDB installation for high availability

TheAzureGuy by Valery M,
Last updated: 30/08/2020

Create new Active Directory forest with optional subdomain

This template creates a new Active Directory forest, with an optional subdomain. You can choose to have either one or two DCs per domain. The network configuration is highly configurable, making it suitable to fit into an existing environment. The VMs use managed disks and have no dependency on storage accounts. As an operating system you can choose between Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. This template illustrates the use of nested templates, Powershell DSC, and other advanced concepts.

wkasdorp by Willem Kasdorp,
Last updated: 30/08/2020

Deploy a managed Kubernetes Cluster (AKS).

This ARM template demonstrates the deployment of an AKS instance with advanced networking features into an existing virtual network. Additionally, the chosen Service Principal is assigned the Network Contributor role against the subnet that contains the AKS cluster.

holgerjay by holgerj,
Last updated: 25/08/2020

Provisions a Spark Cluster on Ubuntu Virtual Machines

This template creates a Spark cluster on Ubuntu virtual machine image, enables persistence (by default) and applies all well-known optimizations and best practices

CognosysTech by CognosysTech,
Last updated: 20/08/2020

Create a WordPress site

This template creates a WordPress site on Container Instance

wenwu449 by Wenjun Wu,
Last updated: 19/08/2020

Openshift Container Platform 4.3

Openshift Container Platform 4.3

akinfemi by Akinfemi Aluko,
Last updated: 12/08/2020

Server managed by Desired State Configuration service

This template provides an example of how to deliver a virtual machine and and Automation account to manage the machine, in a single deployment

mgreenegit by Michael Greene,
Last updated: 12/08/2020

WildFly 18 on CentOS 8 (stand-alone VM)

This template allows you to create a CentOS 8 VM running WildFly 18.0.1.Final and also deploy a web application called JBoss-EAP on Azure, you can login into the Admin Console using the Wildfly username and password configured at the time of the deployment.

SpektraSystems by Spektra Systems,
Last updated: 11/08/2020

On-demand SFTP Server using an existing storage account

This template demonstrates an on-demand SFTP server using an Azure Container Instance (ACI).

bhummerstone by Ben Hummerstone,
Last updated: 2/08/2020

SonarQube on Windows with Azure SQL Database

Deploy a Windows VM with SonarQube installed and configured against an Azure SQL Database.

rajbos by Rob Bos,
Last updated: 29/07/2020

ROS on Azure with Windows VM

This template creates a Windows VM and installs the ROS into it using the CustomScript extension.

ms-iot by Microsoft IoT,
Last updated: 23/07/2020

IBM Cloud Pak for Data on Azure

This template deploys an Openshift cluster on Azure with all the required resources, infrastructure and then deploys IBM Cloud Pak for Data along with the add-ons that user chooses.

praveshhibm by praveshhibm,
Last updated: 17/07/2020