Why can’t I run LUIS in my own subscription?

The ability to run Language Understanding (LUIS) in individual subscriptions is being explored by the team. While a roadmap is not currently available, updates are available here.

Azure Bot Service

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  • To create a new bot using Azure Bot Service or the Bot Framework SDK and tools, get started at https://botframework.com. You’ll find guidance for planning, building, testing, and evaluating your bot.

  • Event Activities are used to pass metadata between a bot and user without being visible to the user.

    The data from these activities can be processed by an assistant to fulfill scenarios like providing a summary of the day ahead or filling semantic action slots on a Skill.

    Learn more: https://microsoft.github.io/botframework-solutions/reference/virtual-assistant/events/

  • You can train the language model of your bot in Language Understanding Service (LUIS): https://www.luis.ai.

  • Microsoft Bot Framework bot can be written in several programming languages, including C#, JavaScript, Python and Java. See details on the programming language support: https://github.com/microsoft/botframework

  • Yes, Bot Framework bots support natural language understanding through the Language Understanding Service (LUIS). Find out more about LUIS: https://www.luis.ai.

  • You can start developing your bot with Bot Framework SDK available at https://github.com/microsoft/botframework.