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Azure Game Development Virtual Machine

Create and test games in the cloud with preinstalled game development tools

Make games anywhere with a near-zero-latency, GPU-powered game dev VM

Meet the challenges of distributed game development with a GPU-powered virtual machine. It's pre-loaded with the essential building blocks of game development, making it easy to spin up new systems and onboard new resources with near-zero latency. Keep your team connected with a global backend that offers a secure and consistent game creation environment.

Preloaded industry-standard game development engines, virtual machines, production tools, and services

Fast computers with powerful GPUs running on the secure, global Azure infrastructure

Multiple remote desktop options for low-latency, specialised game dev input hardware support

Connection to asset management, code repositories, and build systems in Azure for faster builds and testing

Reduce latency for a more connected team

Make remote game developers feel as connected as if they were working in the same room using remote desktop partner solutions and deploying the Azure Game Dev VM closer to your distributed teams for near-zero latency. Azure has more global datacentre regions than any other cloud provider.

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Work on high-fidelity games anywhere

Develop remotely with GPU-powered machines capable of handling high-fidelity workloads anywhere in the world. The Game Dev VM is always available on the cloud and backed by the Azure secure global infrastructure.

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Connect your game production pipeline

Accelerate game production by connecting the Game Dev VM with Azure version control, asset management systems, and distributed build services. Collaborate seamlessly with your global team in the cloud or with your existing infrastructure using production pipelines for game creators and studios of all sizes.

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Deploy workstations fast

Get started with a hybrid, easily scalable, and quick-to-deploy production environment with the ability to add or decommission resources instantly. With a few clicks in a few minutes, you'll have a fully functional VM with common game development toolsets ready to go. More customisations are available if you want to build your own VM with more service integrations using Azure Resource Manager.

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Enterprise level security and compliance, built in

Azure Game Dev VM pricing

Pricing for the Azure Game Dev VM is the same as Azure Virtual Machines. Select from four different SKUs (NV-series, NVv3-series, NCasT4_v3-series, and NVadsA10 v5-series) and pay for only the base Azure compute costs used. No additional costs are added for leveraging this VM. All tooling is pre-installed with Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) options where applicable. For OS licensing, leverage Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server, and Multitenant Hosting for Windows 10.

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