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Build powerful, intelligent web applications

Quickly build and deploy your web applications using a fully managed platform, without the burden of managing infrastructure.

Find the Azure services for your web applications

If you want to Use this
Build on a fully managed platform to:
  • Develop and deploy web apps at any scale using .Net Core, Java, Docker, Node.js and more.
  • Launch websites quickly, with broad CMS support from the Azure Marketplace.
  • Accelerate your feature updates using built-in CI/CD.
App Service
Accelerate the delivery of high-bandwidth content – from applications and stored content to streaming video – to customers worldwide. Content Delivery Network
  • Encode, store and stream video and audio at scale.
  • Deliver broadcast and over-the-top (OTT) video.
  • Use media analytics to gain insights about video files.
Media Services
Implement a fully managed search service that helps you avoid issues with index corruption, scaling, service availability and service. Azure Cognitive Search
Add real-time functionality to your web app, such as chat room, co-authoring, live dashboard and instant broadcasting. Azure SignalR Service
Add maps, search, routing and current traffic conditions to your apps with geospatial services. Azure Maps
Ensure ultra-fast DNS responses and ultra-high availability for all of your domain needs. Azure DNS
Optimise delivery from application server farms while increasing application security with a web application firewall. Application Gateway
Easily build real-time messaging web applications using WebSockets and the publish-subscribe pattern Azure Web PubSub

What customers are saying about running web applications on Azure

"With the Microsoft cloud platform for service delivery, we can focus less on infrastructure and more on enhancing the fan experience and business outcomes."

Rafael de Los Santos, Head of Digital Operations, Real Madrid

"A long development and build period can lead to missed business opportunities... Azure deserves high praise for helping us get to a fully validated release in six months."

Daichi Hayata, Design Leader, Advanced Solutions Group IMAGE WORKS Team, FUJIFILM Software

"The Azure PaaS solution was a great choice to work with the on-premises technology that Van Lanschot already had, to support rapid Agile and DevOps development, and to provide a flexible platform for the future."

Geert van der Cruijsen, Consultant and Digital Architect, Xpirit