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Video Indexer pricing

Automatically extract advanced metadata from video and audio content

Video Indexer enables you to extract, review, curate, customise, search and publish insights from your videos using AI for video technologies, powered by Azure Media Services. Video Indexer can be used above the demo experience threshold by connecting it with an Azure Media Services account.

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Prices are estimates only and are not intended as actual price quotes. Actual pricing may vary depending on the type of agreement entered with Microsoft, date of purchase, and the currency exchange rate. Prices are calculated based on US dollars and converted using Thomson Reuters benchmark rates refreshed on the first day of each calendar month. Sign in to the Azure pricing calculator to see pricing based on your current programme/offer with Microsoft. Contact an Azure sales specialist for more information on pricing or to request a price quote. See frequently asked questions about Azure pricing.

The Cognitive Services Video Indexer provides up to 10 hours of free indexing to website users and up to 40 hours of free indexing to API users. Customer that need to process more content can do so by linking their existing Azure Media Services resource group to their Video Indexer account or creating a new Azure Media Services resource group. For the customers who choose to create new resource group we will create ten S3 media reserved units. Customers can modify the number of reserved units as needed.

When customers use Azure Media Services resource group to process additional content over the free limit, the following charges may apply:

  • Audio/Video Analysis – charged based on the number of input minutes
  • Encoding – customers can choose between no encoding, single bit-rate or adaptive streaming based on requirements. Standard media encoding charges apply for this operation if used
  • Streaming – charged when video is streamed using the video player widget
  • Storage - Storage cost is incurred for files that are saved in your storage account linked to your Azure Media Services account
  • Network egress – charged when customers play the media or download insights (such as thumbnails extracted)
  • Media Reserved Units – customers pay for the number of reserved units available on their subscription

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