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Drive innovation and business performance by empowering your developer teams

Empower developers to drive business outcomes

As technology underpins everything from how a business runs to the products and services it sells, organisations from every industry – including retailers, manufacturers and banks – must learn to excel first and foremost at developing software.

Driving business performance from software development comes down to increasing developer velocity: creating the right environment and removing points of friction for developers to innovate.

Developer velocity isn’t just about increasing speed of delivery, but also about unleashing ingenuity – turning developer ideas into software that supports the needs of your customers and the goals of your business.

The more you enable developers to build on their terms, collaborate globally and securely – whether remotely or collocated – and scale what they invent, the better outcomes you’ll see in financial performance, innovation, customer experience, brand and talent.

See the four key drivers to realising your organisation’s digital aspirations by empowering developers in this comprehensive research report from McKinsey & Company Developer Velocity: How software excellence can fuel business performance.

Outperform the market with high developer velocity

Achieve business success in times of economic growth or downturn by enabling your developers to create more, collaborate and solve problems.

Across industries and compared to their in-market counterparts, organisations with a Developer Velocity in the top quartile see business impacts such as:

Across industries and compared to their in-market counterparts, organisations with a Developer Velocity in the top quartile see business impacts such as:


faster revenue growth.

60 per cent

higher total return to shareholders.

20 per cent

higher operating margin.

Organisations with developer velocity in the top quartile score 55 per cent higher on innovation than those in lower quartiles. Those organisations also surpass their peers on other key business performance indicators, such as customer satisfaction, brand perception and talent.

Increase developer velocity – and business performance – with these key drivers

See the greatest business outcomes from your digital transformation investments by focusing on key drivers that increase developer velocity the most. First, focus on the four key drivers that build your foundation – not only to develop software faster, but also to realise far better outcomes.

Then, widen your focus to include drivers that accelerate the impact and continue with drivers that transform the future software development.

According to the McKinsey & Company report, the number one driver of business performance is best-in-class developer tools. Organisations with strong tools are 65 per cent more innovative, and their developer satisfaction and retention rates are 47 per cent higher.

Build the foundation

These are consistently the most important drivers of overall business performance:

  • Developer tools
  • Product management capabilities
  • Culture, especially psychological safety and collaboration
  • Talent management

Accelerate impact

These drivers help organisations with strong foundations achieve top-quartile developer velocity and financial performance:

  • Open-source adoption and capabilities
  • Public cloud adoption
  • Empowering citizen developers

Transform the future

Looking ahead, these drivers will have the highest impact on transforming software development:

  • AI/machine learning
  • Live site automation
  • Usage of product telemetry

Increase developer velocity with tools from Microsoft

Today, development teams are more geographically distributed than ever, and remote software development is the new reality for many organisations. To help developers build productively, collaborate securely and scale innovation – no matter where they are – enable them with the most comprehensive developer toolkit and platform from Microsoft.

No. 1 developer tool1

Increase productivity by enabling developers to code in any language, debug and edit on any OS, and deploy to any platform.

50 million developers

Securely deliver software faster with tools and practices used by the largest developer community.

Leader in development platform2

Reduce costs, improve scale and create rich customer experiences with managed services built for developers.

Leader in enterprise low-code application platforms3

Accelerate the delivery of applications with low-code tools so that everyone is a developer in your organisation.

1 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 2019

2 Forrester: The Forrester Wave™ for Public Cloud Development and Infrastructure Platforms and Public Cloud Development Platforms, 2020

3 Gartner Magic Quadrant, 2019

Learn about developer velocity from a business and engineering leader

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Cloud and AI group, shares his experiences of building and managing high performing, globally distributed and remote engineering teams.

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Assess your developer velocity, then improve it

Discover where your organisation is on the developer velocity maturity scale and benchmark your Developer Velocity Index (DVI) relative to your peers. Then, get actionable guidance for how to drive better business outcomes for your organisation.

Join other organisations in empowering developers

"With a rich toolset, maintaining the company's web presence will be much easier moving forward. Visual Studio Code provides great productivity—it loads quickly, runs smoothly on Windows computers and Macs, and lets us use the same IDE across different platforms. The Visual Studio Code community has also proven its worth, providing access to number of extensions that make coding even easier."

Mike Smith, Lead Software Developer

"GitHub has allowed us to build out our services at speed and in a methodical way, on a platform which 99 percent of our developers are familiar with from either personal development projects or previous roles. One of the drivers of GitHub is developer familiarity. You know that anyone you hire will know GitHub."

Matthew Seaborn, Architecture Director

"Scalability is one of the big benefits we get from Azure. In the past, it might have taken us months to procure and configure servers and get them into production. Now, we can scale up on demand in Azure in a matter of minutes."

Musaddique Alatoor, Head of Equipment Innovation

"What we are doing in partnership with Microsoft is completely unique in our industry. We've made a significant step forward in the fintech innovation space and our team is energized and inspired to discover what's next."

Félix Grévy, Global Head of Product Management

"Power Apps gives us new capabilities and ways to adapt quickly and efficiently. The apps are easy to create, easy to deploy, and they give us an incredibly fast way to innovate. There are creative people in all of our business units, and there was pent-up demand for something that allows them to create the way Power Apps does. They're not just creating applications, they're really solving the little problems that, added together, are a big problem to solve."

Chris Ingalls, Business and Solution Architect

Champion developer velocity in your organisation

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