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Microsoft Azure Germany

Move your mission-critical workloads to a compliant, secured and isolated cloud

  • All customer data and related systems reside in Germany
  • Designed to meet strict European Union (EU) requirements
  • Controlled by a German data trustee
  • Available to organizations doing business in the EU/EFTA and UK
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Already have an Azure account? Azure Germany services require a separate account with distinct pricing.

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German data centres

All customer data and required supporting systems reside in German data centres

Strict data protection

Designed to meet the strictest EU data protection requirements and certifications

German data trustee

Controls physical and logical access to customer data under German law

Why choose Azure Germany?

We offer Azure services across Europe from several global data centres, and Azure Germany is a differentiated option from these with separate accounts and pricing. It delivers our industry-leading services from German data centres, with data residency in Germany, and strict data access and control measures provided through a unique data trustee model governed under German law. Your choice between Azure Germany and other Azure regions should be informed by:

Data residency and sovereignty needs
Public sector or restricted industry requirements
Compliance requirements
Eligibility, with business in the EU/EFTA and UK
Location of your organisation and customers
Cost and budget considerations

Cloud computing built for Germany and EU/EFTA

Now, organisations doing business in the EU/EFTA and UK can better harness the power of cloud computing. Azure Germany is an isolated Azure instance in Germany, independent from public clouds.

  • All customer data and related applications and hardware reside in Germany
  • Geo-replication between data centres in Germany supports business continuity
  • Secured data centres provide 24x7 monitoring

Strict data access and control measures

An independent data trustee controls access to all customer data in the Azure Germany data centres. T-Systems International GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and an experienced, well-respected IT provider incorporated in Germany, serves as trustee, protecting disclosure of data to third parties except as the customer directs or as required by German law. Even Microsoft does not have access to customer data or the data centres without approval from and supervision by the German data trustee.

Compliance you can trust

Azure Germany has an ongoing commitment to maintaining the strictest data protection measures, so organisations can store and manage customer data that complies with applicable German laws and regulations, as well as key international standards. Additional compliance standards and controls that address the unique role of the German data trustee will be audited over time.

Microsoft Trust Center compliance

Azure Germany services and solutions

Drive transformation through agility, collaboration and access to analytics and insights. With Azure Government, you can cost-efficiently modernise some or all your infrastructure without the capital expense of new data centre hardware. Plus, you can develop and test your Linux and open-source components in Azure and transition to the cloud your way with a selection of services available now (more services will be added over time). Use Windows and Linux virtual machines, platform services such as Azure Active Directory and Azure SQL Database and application platforms such as .NET, JAVA and LAMP.

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New to cloud computing?

You’ve come to the right place. Cloud computing transforms the ability of organisations to be responsive, accountable, and agile. And Azure Germany provides the additional security, privacy, and compliance EU/EFTA organisations require. Where to begin?

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A complete EU cloud computing solution

Help everyone get their work done more efficiently with a hyperscale EU cloud solution that includes Azure Germany. The familiar productivity and business application tools of Office 365 Germany and management and engagement services powered by Dynamics Germany will be coming soon. Build your own solution, or choose one of our experienced partners who offer a wide array of solutions built specifically to meet the needs of EU/EFTA organisations.

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