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What’s new in Azure Developer Tools and Services

Posted on 31 March, 2016

Program Manager, Azure Tools

Today, we’re excited to announce new releases and updates for Azure Tools and Services. This post summarizes the updates for each product or area and links to more detailed posts on how the new tools will improve your Azure development experience.


Release summary

  • DevTest Labs
    • Improved VM image preparation
    • VM template improvements Storage
  • Storage Explorer for Mac, Linux, and Windows
    • Table support
    • Queue support
  • Visual Studio Azure Tools and SDK 2.9
    • Performance diagnostics with Service Profiler (Preview)
    • Application Maps and Event Hub for Azure Diagnostics
    • Tools for Docker
    • Service Fabric Tools for Visual Studio
    • ARM Tools for Visual Studio Code

DevTest Labs

Azure DevTest Labs is a service that helps developers and testers quickly create environments in Azure with reusable templates, while minimizing waste and controlling cost. The latest update made improvements to VM templates and image preparation, virtual network settings, and cost control. Take a Quick Glance at Azure DevTest Lab at //Build 2016.

Storage Explorer

The newest version of Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer (Preview) includes support for Table and Queue features for the Mac, Linux, and Windows versions. You can also create Shared Access Signatures for Storage Accounts, and connect to other Storage Accounts using Shared Access Signatures. Learn more about these features in the Storage Explorer March Update Blog.

Visual Studio Azure Tools and SDK 2.9

The latest update to the Azure Tools and SDK made significant improvements to numerous components of the Visual Studio Tools for Azure. Read more about Azure Tools and SDK 2.9.

  • Performance Diagnostics with Service Profiler (Preview)
  • Diagnostics improvements for visualizing data with Application Maps
  • Event Hub for Azure Diagnostics
  • ARM deployment and KeyVault support
  • Secondary App Service Creation
  • Diagnostics updates
  • Tools for Docker Preview
  • Microsoft Service Fabric Tools for Visual Studio
  • Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio
  • Azure Resource Manager Tools for Visual Studio Code


We hope you enjoy these new releases and updates. If you don’t already have an Azure account, you can sign-up for a free trial or, activate your Azure subscription if you’re an MSDN subscriber – and start using all of the above features today. Then visit the Azure Developer Center to learn more about how to build apps with it.

Please submit bugs through Connect, suggestions through UserVoice, and quick thoughts or ideas through Send-a-smile in the Visual Studio IDE.


- Azure Developer Experiences Team