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Event Hubs on Azure Stack

Azure Event Hubs is a big data streaming platform and event ingestion service, capable of receiving and processing millions of events per second, that can now run on Azure Stack.

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Azure Data Explorer

Perform ad-hoc queries on terabytes of data with Azure Data Explorer—a lightning-fast indexing and querying service for data exploration. Use Azure Data Explorer for analytics of log and telemetry data from websites, applications, and IoT devices.

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Azure Active Directory conditional access in Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks now supports Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) conditional access, which allows administrators to control where and when users are permitted to sign in to Azure Databricks. Some of the common concerns this addresses include restricted sign-in access, limited network location access, managing the type of device access as well as restricted access to client applications.

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Azure Key Vault support with Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks now supports Azure Key Vault backed secret scope. With this, Azure Databricks now supports two types of secret scopes—Azure Key Vault-backed and Databricks-backed.

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Azure SQL Data Warehouse streaming support in Azure Databricks.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse connector now offers efficient and scalable structured streaming write support for SQL Data Warehouse.

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Azure Databricks is available in Japan, Canada, India, and Australia

Azure Databricks is now generally available in additional regions—Japan, Canada, India, Australia Central and Australia Central 2. With these additions, Azure Databricks is now available in 24 regions.

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SQL Data Warehouse now offers flexible restore points

SQL Data Warehouse is a fast, flexible and secure analytics platform. It now provides user defined restore points, enabling you to initiate snapshots before and after significant operations on your data warehouse.

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SQL Data Warehouse intelligent insights

Get intelligent insights to ensure your data warehouse is consistently optimized for performance with SQL Data Warehouse intelligent insights.

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SQL Data Warehouse Vulnerability Assessment

SQL Vulnerability Assessment is an easy-to-use service that continually monitors your database or data warehouse, ensuring those are maintained at a high level of security at all times and that your organizational policies are met.

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SQL Data Warehouse: User defined maintenance scheduling

Azure SQL Data Warehouse maintenance scheduling is now preview. This is a new feature that seamlessly integrates the Azure Service Health planned maintenance notifications with Resource Health monitor services.

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HDInsight 4.0 in preview

Azure HDInsight 4.0 Preview is now available, backed by our enterprise-grade SLA.

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Enterprise Security Package for Azure HDInsight generally available

Enterprise Security Package for Azure HDInsight is now generally available.

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Azure Databricks Delta now in preview

The delta feature is now available in preview at no additional cost in the premium SKU of Azure Databricks. With delta, customers get better data reliability, improved performance for their jobs and queries, and opportunity to simplify their data pipelines. Delta is a transactional storage layer in Azure Databricks. With delta, we're enabling customers to simplify building high performance analytics solution at scale using Azure Databricks and get better reliability and higher performance on Spark jobs and queries.

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New SQL Data Warehouse performance tier SKU

The industry-leading query performance of the compute optimized Gen2 tier of SQL Data Warehouse is now accessible to more customers through a new smaller SKU, 500DWc. With this release, get started with a powerful data warehouse in the cloud for as low as USD7.56/hour (in the US East region—price varies by region).

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C# UDF for Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge now in preview

C# user-defined functions (UDF) support for Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge is now available in preview.

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Developer tools enhancements for Apache Spark on Azure HDInsight

We're bringing several exciting new enhancements to developer tools for Apache Spark on Azure HDInsight.

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New Logic Apps extension for Visual Studio Code

A new Logic Apps extension for Visual Studio Code is now available in preview that enables developers to do more with a first-party development experience.

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Azure Cosmos DB reserved capacity now generally available

Azure Cosmos DB reserved capacity helps you save when you pre-pay for one year or three years. With Azure Cosmos DB reserved capacity, get a discount on the resources used and reduce your costs by up to 65 percent compared to pay-as-you-go prices.

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Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API now generally available

With the Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API, experience the power of the Azure Cosmos DB platform with the familiarity of your favorite Apache Cassandra SDKs and tools.

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Cognitive Services – Spracheingabe-APIs

Azure Cognitive Services—Speech Service now generally available

Speech service is now generally available, combining the following capabilities in one service: speech-to-text; text-to-speech; custom speech; and speech translation.

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Kubernetes on Azure Stack in preview

We now support Kubernetes cluster deployment on Azure Stack, a certified Kubernetes Cloud Provider. Install Kubernetes using Azure Resource Manager templates generated by ACS-Engine on Azure Stack.

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Service Fabric now available on Azure Stack

Service Fabric, a distributed systems platform that makes it easy to package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable microservices and containers, is now available on Azure Stack.

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General availability: Automatic OS image upgrade in virtual machine scale sets

It is easy to enable automatic OS image updates in Virtual machine scale sets for the most popular images.

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Azure Virtual Machine Image Builder available in private preview

Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Image Builder, now available in private preview, allows you to migrate your image building pipeline to Azure.

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Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop enables you to get the best virtual desktop with the full Windows 10 and an optimized Office 365 ProPlus experience. It enables you to stream the full desktop or apps to any device.

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Linux preview support of custom virtual networks on Azure Container Instances

You can now provision Linux containers into new or existing virtual networks with Azure Container Instances. This support is in preview for Linux in two regions: West US and West Europe.

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Azure App Service

Azure App Service updates from Microsoft Ignite

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Azure Service Fabric

Azure Service Fabric announcements at Ignite

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Tomcat for Azure App Service on Linux now generally available

Azure App Service on Linux now supports Apache Tomcat 8.5 and 9. Azure App Service for Tomcat on Linux allows developers to quickly build, deploy, and scale their Tomcat web applications on a fully managed Linux-based service.

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Azure Functions—Functions runtime 2.0 now generally available

The cross platform and improved Azure Functions runtime is now generally available, allowing you to use your cross-platform .NET Core assets within your Functions apps.

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Azure Functions—Python support in preview

Azure Functions now supports Python development using Python 3.6 on the Functions v2 (cross-platform) runtime.

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Protect data in use with Azure Confidential Computing

Azure Confidential Computing benefits are now available on a new DC series of virtual machines in Azure for preview using Intel SGX chipsets. In addition, Azure is also offering an open source SDK to provide a consistent enclave abstraction experience to build your SGX-based applications.

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New GPU enabled NVv2 Azure Virtual Machines for graphics intensive applications

NVv2 Azure Virtual Machines, which have been architected to support remote visualization workloads and other graphics intensive applications, are now available in preview.

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Bring your own storage to App Service on Linux

App Service now supports the ability for customers to bring additional storage accounts to their Linux web apps

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General availability: Serial console for Azure VMs

Serial console for Azure VMs is generally available with new features and many bug fixes and improvements.

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