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Building modern apps that scale to billions of events with Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Hyperscale (Citus)

Come learn why customers call Hyperscale (Citus) a game changer (their words, not ours.) With the launch of Hyperscale (Citus), you can now scale out real-time analytics workloads horizontally using Azure Database for PostgreSQL. This session explores why so many developers are adopting the open source Postgres database, and highlights what makes our managed Postgres service on Azure unique. Then, we dive into real-world use cases to show how you can build scalable real-time analytics apps using Azure, Postgres, and Hyperscale (Citus). In particular, we show how one team built a petabyte-scale analytics dashboard that supports real-time decision making with response times of 90 ms—even with 6M queries/day across billions of rows.