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Azure Security: Can you keep a secret?

Millions of user accounts were stolen from a big ride-sharing company recentlyall because a developer leaked an important credential on GitHub! Even the best of us make mistakes sometimes. Learn best practices for building applications on Azure, with a focus on secrets management. We will walk in the shoes of a developer and illustrate the tools available to reduce costly mistakes at each stage of a secret’s lifecycle:

  • Discover secrets in source code, config etc using CredScan 
  • Eliminate certain types of secrets
  • Manage secrets safely, rotate them, and automate their deployment with Azure Key Vault
  • Simplify your code using AppAuthentication
  • Be prepared for security incidents 
The design patterns covered in this talk are applicable beyond secrets. You’ll walk away from this session with the checklist of things you can do to reduce security risks to your most critical data.