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Sample WebAPI application demonstrating use of PowerBI-CSharp SDK for creating embed REST API.

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Running this sample


You must have a workspace collection provisioned in azure. For infromation about provisioning see:

  1. Clone repository

    git clone
  2. Set properties in Web.config from Azure Portal.

    <add key="powerbi:WorkspaceCollectionName" value="[your workspace collection name]" />
    <add key="powerbi:WorkspaceCollectionAccessKey" value="[your workspace collection access key]" />
    <add key="powerbi:WorkspaceId" value="[workspace id containing your reports]" />
  3. Build and Run solution

Deploy this sample to Azure

About the code

See: PowerBI-CSharp for details about usage of NuGet packages to facilitate creating tokens for authentication.

More information

We're interested in feedback. Open a new issue if you have requests or find bugs.