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SNP Technologies Inc.

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The data is often being collected remotely on one side of the network, and your users who need it are on the other. What’s needed is an ideal place to store, process, and make the data available to the users as they need it.

That ideal place is Microsoft Azure, and SNP Technologies has all the skills required to architect, build, and deploy your solutions on Azure!

Application Development
As we move further into the Internet of Things, you need applications at every level. SNP Technologies develops apps to manage the collection and transmission of data from devices in the field, and apps to collate and organize that data. We build apps for the desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices your end users use to interrogate the data on Windows, iOS, or Android. We then provide the software to help them perform advanced analytics to report the data and make better decisions.

Data Collection, Storage & Management
SNP Technologies also provisions the Azure Virtual Machines that store and process the data, including comprehensive data security and backup solutions to assure your data always remains safe and accessible to your authorized users. Existing applications and workloads are easily migrated to Microsoft Azure by our seasoned experts.

Application & Data Delivery
At the last stop on this critical path, SNP Technologies provides the identity and access management services to assure that anyone attempting access is authorized to do so. We help you leverage the wide choice of application delivery technologies available to you, including RemoteApp and other VDI solutions where appropriate.

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