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Sitekit Solutions Ltd

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Azure Active Directory B2C is an identity management service for digital applications that can handle hundreds of millions of identities. The service can be easily integrated across mobile and web platforms. People can log on to applications through a custom interface, using their existing social accounts (federated identity) or by creating new credentials. In a public sector setting, this enables large-scale citizen access to digital services, allowing people to interact digitally with government and health service.

Sitekit offers consultancy for public sector organisations looking to migrate to Azure Active Directory B2C. Sitekit will work with the client to:

1. Analyse existing systems, identify return on investment and requirements for migration
2. Prepare your organisation for new/altered work streams
3. Create bespoke applications or alter existing applications to prepare for move to Azure AD B2C
4. Offer support & technical assistance throughout the process

Sitekit has worked with Microsoft and NHS since the early versions of Azure AD B2C and can offer expert knowledge of the cloud service as well as years of experience in project/change management, software development and technical support in a public sector setting.

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