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Aptitive Corporation is a Cloud Services solution provider based in Chicago, IL. We are a Microsoft Silver Data Analytics partner, Certified Cloud Partner, and Certified Cloud Solution Provider for Microsoft. We have clients across America but primarily focus on the Chicago metro area.

Our core competencies include:

Cloud Service Advisory – Azure services can transform your business in a way that is not feasible in traditional on-premises systems. We will guide you through the possibilities and help you leverage the right services for your ETL, data integration, advanced analytics, business intelligence, and custom application development initiatives.

Advanced Analytics - Analyze large amounts of data to get the insight you need to improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and lower costs.

Real-time Streaming Analytics - Gain insight into what’s happening in your organization right now, allowing you to take action and drive revenue before the opportunity is gone.

IoT Event Hubs - Ingest millions of events per second and stream them to multiple applications to increase responsiveness, get answers, and automate workflows from all your mobile and IoT devices.

Cloud and Hybrid Enterprise Integration:
Self-Service Logic Workflows - Connect apps, data, and devices anywhere—on-premises or in the cloud—to quickly build powerful integration solutions and automate tasks across multiple applications.

Cloud and On-Premises Application Integration - Connect your on-premises applications and cloud applications to unlock the potential of your data services in a safe, secure, and scalable manner.

Machine Learning - Empower business users to easily build, deploy, and share predictive analytics output without modifying the existing code base.

Our Value Proposition:
Aptitive works very closely with Azure and Microsoft teams to execute your vision from planning through development and deployment. We believe in hiring talented people and collaborating with our clients to provide creative and innovative solutions that will help you achieve your goals. We excel at building creative solutions on Azure, and have worked on several successful projects, accelerating enterprise cloud adoption for our enterprise customers.

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