Visual Studio 2017 – Event zur Einführung und zum 20. Geburtstag


Introducing Azure Availability Zones for resiliency and high availability

22 Sep – As part of our commitment to providing customers with a platform for their most demanding, mission-critical workloads, I’m excited to announce expanded capabilities for Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure.

On-premises Azure Files access on Linux update and new troubleshooter

21 Sep – We had announced the availability of Linux on-premises and cross-region mounting of Azure Files for the first OS distribution - Ubuntu 17.04, in April. Today, we are happy to share that more Linux distributions now include this functionality, which will allow on-premises and cross-region mounting of Azure Files.

New offers in Azure Marketplace

21 Sep – Last month 31 great new cloud offerings were published to Azure Marketplace. Check ‘em out!

Support for blob storage lease management from the Azure portal

21 Sep – You can conveniently manage leases on containers and blobs of storage accounts right from the Azure portal.

Route IoT device messages to Azure Storage with Azure IoT Hub

21 Sep – IoT Hub has a new custom endpoint type available: Azure Storage containers! Azure Storage containers joins Service Bus queues, topics, and Event Hubs as supported custom endpoint types for IoT Hub…

Seien Sie dabei: Visual Studio 2017 – Event zur Einführung und zum 20. Geburtstag

9 Feb – Heute bin ich sehr stolz und freue mich, dass Visual Studio seinen 20. Geburtstag feiert. Wir feiern zwei Jahrzehnte Visual Studio! Da wir nun diesen Meilenstein erreichen, möchte ich auch gerne mitteilen, dass Visual Studio 2017 am 7. März veröffentlicht wird.

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