In late March 2010, we announced the availability of the Windows Azure Toolkit for Facebook  We’re now happy to announce the launch of CloudPoll on Facebook, a new application hosted on Windows Azure and built using the Windows Azure Toolkit for Facebook Available for free to all Facebook users, CloudPoll allows you to create, manage, and evaluate all kinds of polls for your pages using blob storage, SQL Azure, and compute hosted in Windows Azure  CloudPoll was built by Thuzi in collaboration with Microsoft and incorporates best practices for the rapid development of flexible, scalable, and architecturally sound Facebook applications


To learn how to get started, read Microsoft Architect Bruce D Kyle’s blog post, or check out Thuzi Jim Zimmerman’s session at MIX10, Building Facebook Apps with Microsoft NET and Deploying to Windows Azure

You can download the Windows Azure Toolkit for Facebook from Codeplex here In addition to the framework, you can download the Simple-Poll sample application that will show you how to connect your Facebook Application to Windows Azure, blob storage, and SQL Azure

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