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Updating Mixed Notification Hubs Namespace Type

Update Notification Hubs/Service Bus Namespace Type to "Notification Hub" and "Messaging" from "Mixed."

We announced last September our work towards providing a better experience for our Notification Hubs users and our Service Bus Messaging users by introducing separate namespace types. “Notification Hub” typed namespaces support customers looking to send push notifications through our Notification Hubs service, “Messaging” typed ones focus on enabling Queue, Topic, Relay, and Event Hub features, and “Mixed” define the namespaces that either use features from both namespace types or use one but have not been updated to the proper types. Mixed namespaces were not creatable as of last September, but there are a few existing ones that our team is looking to correctly categorize and update.


We are planning in the upcoming week to move forward with this namespace type update. We will be running a backfill job that assigns either “Notification Hub” or “Messaging” to mixed namespaces that only consume either Notification Hubs or Messaging. This will not have any impact on how you use the entities today and everything will continue to work as is. If your namespace is indeed mixed and uses both services, we will reach out to you directly in the very near future to help make the move smooth and convenient (the process will involve creating two namespaces and splitting up the hubs).


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns as we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Mimi Xu | Program Manager | Azure Notification Hubs