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Tune in today: Learn Live experts are ready to accelerate your skilling

There is a treasure trove of information available at Microsoft Learn, including self-paced lessons, assessments, and certifications waiting to be explored—for every skill level.

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There is a treasure trove of information available at Microsoft Learn, including self-paced lessons, assessments, and certifications waiting to be explored—for every skill level. Whether you’re kicking off your IT career or a seasoned pro looking to master new skills to stay competitive, anyone can get blocked on their path to educational growth. That’s where our interactive Learn Live video series comes to the rescue—Instructors with deep knowledge of Microsoft technology walk participants through a wide array of Microsoft Learn modules in real time and answer your questions live. It’s like having your own virtual tutor for anything Azure.

Many learners benefit from instantaneous communication and feedback. Whether you tune in live or watch the videos on demand, our 60-to-90-minute Learn Live episodes take the time to guide learners through lessons and provide guidance on Microsoft Learn modules. Have a nagging uncertainty about evaluating classification models? Don’t know where to begin implementing your Cosmos DB SQL API account? Glean insights from a live Q&A hosted by professionals—sometimes from the very engineers who built the solutions you’re studying.  From Azure engineers to program managers, cloud advocates, and technical trainers, our team of experts is available for your questions during the episode as well as after through social media.

Your learning path is waiting

If your goal is to get certified in your role, Learn Live sessions are your chance to practice technical skills in an interactive environment with Azure experts and other developers from around the world. Every episode is closed-captioned and offered in several languages. If you are restricted from watching live by time or location, know that after livestreaming each episode can be watched on-demand, and live airings are staggered to accommodate learners worldwide.

Register for one of our ongoing or upcoming series, or dive into our deep roster of previous episodes.

Current Learn Live series

Azure Core IaaS Study Hall

22 episodes; began Dec. 1, 2022, runs every week through May 18, 2023

Discover how to build infrastructure solutions with Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) services and products. Start maximizing the value of your IT investments by learning about highly secure, available, and scalable cloud services. Modernize your IT with enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure and migrate your apps with confidence.

Automate your Azure deployments by using Bicep and GitHub Actions

8 episodes; began Nov. 30, 2022, runs every week through Feb. 8, 2023

Gain all the benefits of infrastructure as code by using an automated workflow to deploy your Bicep templates and integrate other deployment activities with your workflows. You’ll build workflows using GitHub Actions.

FastTrack for Azure, Live, and On-Demand Series

Beginning February 2023, runs every week through June 2023

Join expert Azure engineers in our regular virtual sessions, designed for Azure users to come together and discuss a specific Azure technology or theme in an interactive setting in a multi-customer, informal environment.


On-Demand Learn Live series (see complete list here)

FastTrack for Azure, Season 1

13 episodes, ran Sept. 13-Dec. 15, 2022

Accelerate your Azure solution implementation with hands-on exercises and demos. This on-demand series will cover a variety of Azure solution areas as directly requested by customers.

Build mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI

7 episodes, ran Sept. 7-Nov. 16, 2022

Learn how to use .NET MAUI to build apps that run on mobile devices and on the desktop using C# and Visual Studio. You’ll learn the fundamentals of building an app with .NET MAUI and more advanced topics such as local data storage and invoking REST-based web services.

Create machine learning models with R and tidymodels

4 episodes, ran Sept. 2-Sept. 23, 2022

Explore and analyze data by using R, and get an introduction to regression models, classification models, and clustering models by using tidymodels and R.

Azure Hybrid Cloud Study Hall

14 episodes

Learn how to configure, deploy, and manage your hybrid cloud resources using services and hybrid cloud technologies, and walk through Microsoft Learn modules focused on Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI. You will learn how to manage your on-premises, edge, and multicloud resources and deploy Azure services anywhere with Azure Arc and Azure Stack.

Use Bicep to deploy your Azure infrastructure as code

15 episodes

Discover how to deploy Azure resources by using Bicep, a language and set of tools to help you to deploy your infrastructure as code. Bicep makes your deployments more consistent and repeatable.

Run VMware workloads on Azure VMware Solution

3 episodes (launched at the VMware Solution Event 2022)

Work out how to easily extend your VMware workloads, skills, and tools to the cloud with Azure VMware Solution—the cloud service that lets you run VMware infrastructure natively on Azure.

Hybrid Infrastructure Study Hall

7 episodes

Hone your skills in configuring advanced Windows Server services using on-premises, hybrid, and cloud technologies, and walk through Microsoft Learn modules related to the new Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification.

Start your learning journey into Azure AI with a Helping Hand (powered by Women in AI)

3 episodes


No matter your previous AI knowledge, this series will take you through what is available in Azure AI, Computer Vision, and Conversational AI. Through a partnership with Microsoft Certified, you will be well on your way to taking the Azure AI Fundamentals certification exam.

Create microservices with .NET and ASP.NET

8 episodes


Create independently deployable, highly scalable, and resilient services using the free and open-source .NET platform. In addition, learn how to develop microservices with .NET and ASP.NET

Azure Cosmos DB certification study hall


24 episodes


Learn how to design, implement, and monitor cloud-native applications that store and manage data. Work on getting certified with the Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty certification.

Deploy your apps with Java on Azure using familiar tools and frameworks

3 episodes


Discover how you can build, migrate, and scale Java applications on Azure using the tools and frameworks you know and love, from Spring to Kubernetes to Java EE.


Additional video paths for growth

Learn Live is part of the Microsoft Learn ecosystem—in other words, just one of the hit shows on the Learn Shows network. Even with the extensive lineup of series provided by Learn Live, there is even more video content to discover on Learn.

Keep up to date on Azure tips, demos, and technical skill-building resources with episodes of Inside Azure for IT and stay on the forefront of key insights, tools, and best practices for optimizing all of your infrastructure for performance, cost efficiency, security, and reliability on Azure.

On the Azure Enablement Show, experts share technical advice, tips, and best practices to accelerate your cloud journey, build well-architected cloud apps, and optimize your solutions in Azure.

Finally, the SAP on Microsoft Azure video tutorial series provides technical guidance and enablement for customers and partners. Improve your cloud infrastructure skills with advanced guidance from Azure experts in this on-demand video series.